Goodbye Fall 2018, Hello Winter 2019

Fall quarter has flown by at a rate that I can’t seem to fathom. I now have one-third of my second year almost complete. Although it feels impossible that ten long weeks have passed, I know I have grown more this quarter than before.

I came into this quarter with a full schedule clocking in at seventeen units (including my first upper division English course) and I even took on not only more extracurricular activities, but also, a job. I found that I was in for a rude awakening. I had always struggled with managing my time in the past as I was perpetually reluctant when it came to using a planner, but this year I quickly learned that it was better to try and do more to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, I did not seem to keep my word when this quarter started, and I was too wrapped up with the excitement of a new year and a new quarter. When my classes began, I started worrying that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be an English major like I have thought for so long. I began overthinking my life plans along with my field of study, especially since I surround myself with a lot of STEM majors. It was not their fault, but I started wondering if I should be studying something “better.”

I was letting my own stress make me question the aspirations I set for myself years prior to my admission at UC Davis. My own concerns were weighing on my mind to the point where I thought about possibly changing my major. I took a step back and then realized that even though finals are approaching, I shouldn’t let pressure from myself or others make me question why I am here or what I am doing. So, I’ve definitely decided to take a more positive approach to the first quarter of 2019!