Glossier: Makeup You Need to Know About

I was scrolling through Instagram one lazy afternoon when I stumbled across an ad for Glossier’s Generation G sheer matte lipstick. As someone who usually doesn’t wear makeup, the ad would have been easy to pass up, if it hadn’t been the exact shade of lip product I’ve been looking for.

Image source: Glossier Pinterest 

After reading its great reviews, I impulsively bought the product, craving the satisfaction of finally being able to wear a lip shade I’ve wanted for a long time. I’d never heard of Glossier, so after the high of buying something new wore off, I started having second thoughts. Despite the good reviews, I wasn’t sure if I should have put my trust into an Instagram advertisement or sacrifice my lips to an unfamiliar beauty product. Nonetheless, I threw my doubts into the wind and considered the beauty of trying something new. And let me tell you, when my lipstick came in the mail, I didn’t regret one bit of that purchase.

The Generation G Leo sheer matte lipstick is amazing. It’s the perfect amount of tint that gives your lips a bit of color but doesn’t completely disguise the natural color of your lips. Leo, the color I bought, blends perfectly with the color of my lips. To top it off, the lipstick is a great moisturizer and doesn’t feel sticky or thick — almost as if you weren’t wearing lipstick at all! It glides on seamlessly and effortlessly, and it’s not the type of lipstick you need a mirror to put on. I feel great wearing it, and isn’t that all that matters?

Eventually, I started looking more into Glossier as a company, and once again, I was thoroughly impressed. Glossier started with Into The Gloss, a beauty blog that delves into the beauty regimens and routines of inspiring women. The website was created by Emily Weiss in 2010, and by 2014, Glossier was launched as a modern beauty brand that created products inspired by the people who use them. Glossier refers to itself as a “people-powered beauty ecosystem,” and I couldn’t agree more. The website and the products feel more raw and sincere than I have ever seen before. Everything is super simple, and super personalized.  

Image source: Glossier Pinterest

Emily Weiss is truly an inspiration and she could be the next step to a whole new world of beauty. She said:

“When I started Into The Gloss, I wanted to make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion. As I interviewed hundreds of women, I became more and more aware of how flawed the traditional beauty paradigm is. It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you, the customer, what you should or shouldn’t be using on your face.”

Glossier makes it clear that they are devoted to the empowerment of women of all. Weiss’s words stand true in what I’ve seen of Glossier so far:

“Together, we form what I think has started a small but mighty movement toward taking backgrounds, and their products are created to help any makeup lover create their own self-expression ownership of your beauty routine, making your own informed decisions about how you want to look and feel, and being proud of who you are every day.”  

Image source: Glossier Pinterest

If you haven’t tried Glossier yet, I’d say it’s worth a shot!