GlobeIn World: Changing the Way We Buy

Note: This is not a sponsored post or an advertisement.

When we go shopping, we don’t exactly pay attention to where each item is made. We rarely notice the signs imprinted on the bottom of our products: Made in China. Made in Bangladesh. We never really know where our money is going, to which corporation or company. It’s nice to see some new startups taking action to promote fair trade and really make sure the money for the products goes directly tto he people producing them.

One company in particular, GlobeIn World, is actively trying to give people in developing countries a chance to improve their living standards. This company is going to developing countries and meeting with artisans that are approved and or are working with an proclaimed organization. If GlobeIn likes the products, the organization asks the producer if they would like to directly sell to the company, and then that item is produced. GlobeIn buys quality and certified items in bulk, with fair prices set by the producer in order to maintain a sufficient quality of living for the artisans by ensuring the profit directly goes to them.

It’s nice to see a company with a genuine amount of care for changing the world. It is making future entrepreneurs and allowing people in developing countries to earn a fair living. Their mission statement is to purchase directly from producers, artisans, and farmers in remote regions, and to make sure consumers pay a fair price, build relationships, and make a positive impact on the world.

All Across Africa is one example of the kind of artisan organization that GlobeIn World boosts. Describing itself as a Benefit Corporation, AAA creates employment opportunities for artisans across rural Africa. This not only provides workers with a steady income to support their families, but also helps empower women and their communities. A basket weaver named Seraphine from Rwanda is just one such example. Working with All Across Africa helped her provide for her 7 children and disabled mother-in-law, but also gave her economic power and equality in her marriage as well as in her community. 

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Check out this amazing organization so you can know exactly where your handmade products come from!