Gagan Kaur: Savior of the World


Gagan Kaur is one interesting human being who is out to save the world, one step at a time. Starting with UC Davis, she is taking steps to help make our campus a safer place in several ways. By acquiring the very prestigious position of Student Assistant to the Chancellor, she is definitely headed in the right direction.

Year: Junior

Major: International Relations

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

How are you involved on campus?I am an active member of Sikh Cultural Association, Treasurer of the Indian Student Association, and I’m on the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Advisory Board. I also became the student assistant to the chancellor at the start of this year.

What made you want to apply for this position?This year I wanted to branch out and make a bigger impact, so I applied. It’s a whole year of working with all the directors and advisors of the school. We get to make our own projects, and I have received the support and networking necessary to actually make a difference.

What are some other projects you are working on right now?I’m working on sexual assault awareness on campus and general campus safety. We are one of the few schools that doesn't have the blue call boxes on campus. I am working with the Chief of Police to get these call boxes near the arboretum and possibly the parking lots too. We also want to host a 4-hour, hands on, self-defense class. We have a lot of space to host things like this, so it would be a great opportunity to teach people how to defend themselves.

What is it like representing the chancellor?With so many doors now open, it’s overwhelming to think about where I want to start. I have this opportunity to make a change and work with different departments, so I am very dedicated to this and want to set a foundation that will continue after I have graduated. I think as long as you’re passionate about it and you’re doing it for the well-being of others, it’s worth it.

Why is this something you’re passionate about?I care a lot about people and humanity. I’ve been to India and have witnessed how certain people get treated so poorly. I really want the people of our country to be happy and safe. There’s a stigma associated with seeking help, but it shouldn’t be like that when we have so many resources available.

Who is your biggest role model?My grandfather (my mom’s dad) was the biggest feminist I have ever known. He taught me that a girl never needs a man to do something because she can do it herself. That’s why I’m so big on [self-defense]. We need to be able to stand up for ourselves. When assault happens, some are too afraid to talk about it. With a self-defense class, not only can you defend yourself, but it also gives others the confidence and security to talk about serious issues in an open, safe environment.