Friday Night Fun at Rhythms of Shifa

Hey there Aggies! If you’re looking for a fun event where you can also contribute to a good cause then you’re in luck. Shifa Community Clinic, a student run clinic at UC Davis, will be hosting Rhythms of Shifa on Friday, April 28th, at 6:00 pm at the Veteran’s Memorial Theater on F Street.

What is a student run clinic?

UC Davis has eight student clinics, each which help the underserved community. The clinic is all volunteer-based, with undergraduate students, medical students, and preceptors. The clinics provide free primary-care services as well as other additional services for the medically-uninsured population. Shifa particularly accommodates for the South Asian and Middle Eastern community by providing a comfortable environment that meets their cultural expectations, with translators available to aid with preceptor-to-patient interactions. However, Shifa is open to everyone, regardless of race, who needs primary care assistance.

What type of services does Shifa provide?

On-site blood tests and urine analysis, health education, prescription refills, physical exams, pap smears, Hep B/C Screening and much more! Check out their website for more information about these services and who they are at:

What is Rhythms of Shifa?

Since the clinic is a non-profit, much of the funds are from fundraisers, donations, and events such as their annual cultural show! The profits from the culture show directly go towards the cost of the free primary care services we provide in Shifa, including but not limited to: medical supplies, clinic programs, specialty clinic referrals, etc. This year’s theme for their cultural show is Rhythms of Shifa! Many of the volunteers will be performing as well as other UCD organizations on campus!  

Some of the performers from UC Davis are:

Davis Chamber Choir



Na Keiki ‘O Hawai’i

CryWolffs Violin

Ore de Afghanistan

...and more!  


Besides food being provided, there will also be raffles with great prizes! One of the prizes includes a free MCAT prep course!

How can I purchase a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket from any undergraduate volunteer (*cough* me), or contact Nancy Bui at [email protected]. OR We will be tabling at the MU Monday - Friday (4/17 - 4/28) from 11AM-3PM and you can buy a ticket there!

Tickets are $12 presale and $15 at the door. Venmo is accepted!

We hope to see you there!

Facebook event page

Shifa Facebook page

Shifa Website

For any questions about tickets please contact Nancy Bui at [email protected]

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