Five Anime to Binge Watch over Winter Break

Alright, so let’s talk anime. If you watch anime you’re probably shy about it and that’s okay! With today’s culture of stereotyping people that watch anime, we often think of it as a guilty pleasure that must remain untold and unseen. We see people that watch anime as couch potatoes, weeaboos, and nerds that watch things that are not entertaining. But the fact of the matter is that anime is entertainment and it's just as important as your favorite tv shows that you watch every day. There are so many different types, plots, and characters that you’re bound to find something that you like and enjoy. Anime offers a plethora of different genres that can suit your entertainment needs. However, because of that, it’s hard to figure out where to start. 

The genres of anime are like any genre within any form of entertainment. They have action, romance, horror, comedy, etc. but what separates and intimidates people are the subgenres of those genres. You have a slice of life, shoujo, shounen, etc. - so many different genres that can meet your niche needs. 

I do think that the length of anime surely intimidates many people since most are not willing to commit to 50+ episode anime. For your pleasure, the ones I'll suggest are easily binge-worthy and able to finish in one day while you’re bundled in your blankets with your laptop on your chest. Each anime is less than 30 episodes, with each episode being approximately 20 minutes long. I’ve also linked the Wikipedia for each anime in case you’d like more information as well. With that being said, I’ll present to you this thorough list of unique animes you can binge-watch for winter break that are sure to catch your attention! 

1. Anohana

Genre: Slife of Life, 

Where: Netflix,

# of Episodes: 11

Anonhana is a slice of life genre. 'Slice of life' pretty much means the plot of the anime is set within the domain of life and what life has to offer to you. It’s a genre I think many people will enjoy because it’s not too far off into a fantasy-esque genre and still has characteristics of real life. This specific anime deals with childhood friends who separate from each other after the death of one of their friends. They all grow up and separate until one of them starts to see apparitions of their friend who passed away. The friends must come together to figure out why she is suddenly showing up after all this time. This specific anime is a BIG tear-jerker. When I first watched this one, I definitely cried a lot because of its ability to be sentimental, nostalgic, and focus on the importance of friendship in your life 

2. My Love Story!

Genre: RomCom

Where: Hulu

# of Episodes: 24

If there is a specific anime to watch from this list, it has to be My Love Story!. It’s a rom-com that is sure to make you feel all the feels and laugh until your stomach hurts. It centers around Takeo Goda and is obliviousness to everything around him. He’s a huge guy, probably standing at like 8 feet and he’s in high school. He’s the nicest person in the world but because he is huge and has a strong demeanor, a lot of people overlook him, and Takeo is aware of this. He tries his best to help everyone around him despite his demeanor and often hangs out with his childhood best friend Makoto Sunakawa who arguably is better looking. One day, Takeo helps a girl named Rinko Yamato from being groped on the train and unbeknownst to Takeo, Rinko falls in love with him but he mistakes her love for love towards Makoto. It’s funny as hell, wholesome, and bound to make you fall in love with the characters and fall in love with love. Their innocent and playful relationship makes you reminisce of the simplicity of high school, but also makes you just love the fact that Takeo is just such a nice person who does deserve someone like Rinko. Please watch this one!

3. Demon Slayer 

Genre: Adventure, fantasy

Where: Hulu 

# of episodes: 26

Demon Slayer has quickly become one of the top animes of 2019. It’s more mainstream so it’s no coincidence that you’ve probably heard your local e-boy talk about it on Twitter, but with a valid reason, it’s really, really good. It features Tanjiro Kamado, a kind-hearted boy who takes care of his family since the death of his father. His family lives simply and thrives on how Tanjiro sells coal to the local village. One day he comes back to see that his family has been murdered by demons with his little sister facing near death. Unbeknownst to Tanjiro, his little sister Nezuko is transforming quickly into a demon herself. The anime features various arcs that keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat as Tanjiro works to find a cure for his sister while becoming a demon slayer as well. It has comedic moments, derailing from the seriousness of the issue, which is bound to keep you interested. It’s a great anime to put on in your living room and have all your roommates join in to watch as well!

4. Corpse Party

Genre: Horror, gore

Where: harder to find but check Kiss Anime

# of Episodes:

I put Corpse Party on this list for fans of horror and gore such as myself. It’s a short one, just at 4 episodes, but each one is actually quite terrifying and has a good amount of gore for those that are fans of the horror genre. It’s based on a video game that had a giant impact as it was made into an anime, a manga, and a live-action film as well. It’s about a group of friends who do a friendship charm called “Sachiko Ever After” that is supposed to bond them together for life. However, things go crazy when an earthquake suddenly happens and their school turns into Heavenly Host Elementary School, the site of the tragic murders of three elementary school students that died from the hands of the principal. The group is faced with the ghosts of past students who became stuck there from doing the same Sachiko friendship charm too. 

5. A Silent Voice

Genre: Drama, trigger warning: depression, suicide

Where: Netflix

# of Episodes: 2 hours

I wanted to put a movie because anime movies are just as good as a series! Specifically, A Silent Voice is sequential to present-day culture and centers around the repercussions of bullying, the importance of forgiveness, and the meaning of friendship. This movie genuinely moved me and made me think of my life differently with its ability to tug at your heart and hit you where it hurts. It starts with Shoya Ishida who is getting ready to commit suicide because he feels as though there is no place on earth for himself. He feels this way because when he was in elementary school, he bullied the new girl Shoko Nishimiya for the fact that she was deaf to the point where she transferred schools. Although Ishida wasn’t the only one who bullied her, his friends turn on him and bully him continuously into high school. He feels that his bad deeds will travel with him for the rest of his life, until one day he runs into Nishimiya who is all grown up. It’s a great film that deals with not only forgiving others but forgiving yourself for the wrong things that you do and realizing that just because you do bad things, it doesn’t always mean you’re a bad person. It features beautiful, realistic art and makes you feel immersed in this world. Definitely, a must-watch as well!