Fast-Growing App Tilt Brings Money, Students, and The Chainsmokers Together

It had been about three years since my last EDM show. Since then, I have traded in my glow sticks for carrot sticks, and 3am last calls for 9pm phone calls to mom and dad before bed. Yes, I am a bit of a premature grandma. To say that I entered Ace of Spades with some reservations would be an understatement, but my experience at the Chainsmoker’s UCD stop on the #TiltTour surprised me.

As I suspected, masses of drunk underclassmen filled the Ace of Spades lobby, unable to form a line, preventing the rest of us from getting into the event. Girls wore their favorite brightly colored tops and fringed shorts, and boys reeked of vodka, orange juice, and axe body spray. If my clothes didn’t make me stick out, my sobriety and lack of patience with those in line surely did. I felt like a narc, and looked like one too.

Nevertheless, these students were the reason why all of us were there. Tilt, one of the fastest growing apps on college campuses partnered with electronic duo, The Chainsmokers, to create the first ever fan-sourced tour, tenderly referred to as the #TiltTour. The birth of the tour started with a simple idea based in friendly competition-- the first six cities to pre-sell at least 800 tickets won a stop on the Tilt Tour. The entire tour sold out in less than two hours, resulting in over 4800 tickets sold for a concert that wasn’t even booked.

The Chainsmoker’s agency, CAA, presented them with the concept of a fan-sourced tour, and the DJ duo was sold when they realized that, “this really put the power in the hands of our fans.” This sentiment could not ring more true than in the choice of the venue for the UC Davis stop on the Tilt Tour. Instead of a huge spot on campus, The Chainsmokers played what I assume was their most intimate show in years, at Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento. 

Money sharing apps have become the new cash exchange in today’s society, making payment for your friend covering you at Chipotle as easy as pressing a button. You might be wondering, “What makes Tilt different from Venmo?” While Venmo is excellent for monetary exchanges between two individuals, Tilt is ideal for collecting money for large groups, whether its pooling money for a hotel reservation with your friends, or splitting utilities amongst your roommates. Tilt also organizes funds by creating a “Tilt amount,” which specifies the minimum amount needed to satisfy the expenses of your group. The beauty of the “Tilt Amount” is that it does not charge a member of the group unless the minimum monetary goal is met, helping all members stay on budget and tear-free.

When the Chainsmokers take the stage, it becomes clear that they have total control of the crowd. The pit of sweaty partiers hangs onto their every word, cheering every time they mention the name of our school. After opening with a teaser of “Roses,” the duo led into remixes of top 40 hits like “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “Ride” by Twentyone Pilots, and “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The venue teemed with energy; the crowd didn’t stop jumping until the first twenty minutes of the set was over, and the last half hour of the show ended with the crowd singing along to the duo’s biggest hits and beloved classics from Blink-182 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, the song that made them famous, “Selfie,” only made a short guest appearance. Instead of playing the original track, the duo opted to feature the Botnek remix, making it very clear that they are sick of their first single.

The Chainsmokers surpise the crowd with a new version of another old favorite, that for many of us was the first dupstep song we ever heard, “Scary Monsters n Nice Sprites,” remixed by YOOK!E. During the song, a man with a smile stretching ear to ear approaches me and asks why I’m not dancing. I explain to him that I am on assignment and trying to take notes so I have enough content for the article I will be writing. He introduces himself as Shea, and fills me in about the particular remix shaking the room with bass. Apparently, The Chainsmokers were the first ones in the EDM community to find the remix and play it live. After that it was picked up by Diplo and played live, and eventually made its way back to its original creator, Skirllex.

And then it hit me. For some, this was a great opportunity to party, for others, this was a chance to feel the music, and share that experience with other like-minded people. It reminded me of some of my fondest memories at shows like this, making temporary friends who teach you so many new things in a matter of hours. For him, the party is just an added bonus to the comradery and happiness this particular genre of music gives to him. The Tilt Tour isn’t just about having a good time, it’s about college communities creating something big through a truly communal effort. Whether its an event that hosts live entertainment, a fundraiser for an organization, or a camping trip with your best buds, Tilt makes it possible to create and share incredible experiences with old and new friends.

If you’re interested in expanding Tilt, become a Tilt Ambassador for free VIP tickets to any Tilt Tour, and a hand in promoting one of the fastest growing apps on college campuses.