Fall Season Favorites

We find ourselves in the middle of fall, one of the best seasons of the year. Even though Davis weather has been pretty moody lately, it is finally starting to cool down and actually feel like autumn. This means it is time to fully embrace everything this season has to offer! Below are some of my fall favorites.

Changing colors

To me, fall is one of the prettiest times of the year in Davis. The leaves change color and the campus becomes warm with red, yellow, and orange trees. However, these aren’t the only color changes that come with the season. This is a time to embrace the changes in fashion colors as well! We get to embrace the darker colors now that the days are shorter and colder. Olive green and warm orange are perfect for this time of year. 

Image Source: Conner Danylenko

A trip to the pumpkin patch

There is something so wholesome about going to the pumpkin patch that it makes me feel like a kid again. Even though we are in college, running through a corn maze and wandering around until you find the perfect pumpkin is still fun. Lucky us that we have two pumpkin patches right outside of Davis! With one in Dixon and one in Woodland, you can get the full fall pumpkin experience. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to get that cute fall Instagram post you’ve been waiting for!​

Acoustic playlists

Everyone has an acoustic playlist they love, don’t even deny it. These are the best playlists to put on when you just want to have a chill night at home, whether you are studying or procrastinating. So put on some John Mayer, Hozier, or Bon Iver and embrace the mood of Fall.

Fall-scented candles

I have been really into scented candles lately, and this season is the best excuse to do more candle shopping. Do you know how many fall-scented candles there are? So many! There is nothing better than your entire apartment smelling like a vanilla-pumpkin-spice-fall-day-leaves candle. 

Image Source: Daniel Frank​

Sweater weather

I love me some sweater weather! Finally, we can bust out the sweaters that have been hiding in our closets all summer long. These big chunky sweaters are never out of style during fall. They are the best because you can pair them with a cute skirt, jeans, or leggings. Whatever you decide to wear them with, you will look like you put effort into your outfit. That’s the magical element about sweaters. 

We have about a month left of fall, and I encourage you to make the most of it. Hopefully my seasonal favorites will inspire you to embrace your favorite parts of this cozy season!