An Eco-Friendly Guide to Spring Shopping

I love a new top as much as anyone. However, it’s always a good reminder to know that the fashion industry is a huge polluter. Here are a few ways you can combat the negative effects of fashion while replenishing your spring and summer wardrobe!

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores should be your first stop. However, it is challenging to find clothes that are your size and made by brands that you love. I suggest going to the thrift store first because you never know what you might find. There are also YouTube videos that teach you how to thrift-flip an item of clothing. You could turn an old pair of Levi’s into a new pair of Urban Outfitters-worthy shorts or an old college half-zip into a trendy cropped hoodie. My favorite YouTuber who does thrift-flips is Ashley of Best Dressed. She has a ton of thrifting haul videos for inspiration and easy-to-follow fashion upcycle tutorials.


I LOVE Poshmark. It is where I buy a majority of my clothes nowadays. It’s like a thrift shop but much more organized. You can search up clothing pieces by brand, size, color, silhouette, you name it. They have markets for womxn, men, and children’s clothing. Although there are multiple sites and apps similar to Poshmark, I like Poshmark the best because of the structure and how secure it is. I have tried other platforms, and Poshmark is the most user-friendly for buyers and sellers. There are policies in place in the chance you receive a defective item, there is a direct deposit option for your earnings, and Poshmark censors any activity that attempts off-Poshmark transactions.

The only downside to Poshmark is that there is a flat shipping rate for all items no matter how much the cost of your purchase. This can be great for larger orders (called bundles on Poshmark) but not so great if you’re trying to buy a $6 t-shirt. However, they have the flat fee installed because all orders are shipped USPS priority, so your order is tracked, insured, and you receive your item faster! Plus, it’s always exciting to receive a package in the mail.

Swap with Your Friends!

You and your friends can gather pieces that no longer fit you or wear and swap pieces that you’ve been eyeing for a while. It’s a great method because if you need a dress you gave away for a certain occasion, you can just ask your friend to borrow it!

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Before you go out and buy from a new store, you can research clothing brands that are on a mission to sell clothes for a sustainable future and/or use ethical production methods. For example, Girlfriend Collective sells activewear made from recycled plastic water bottles. The activewear comes in all sorts of shades and sizes. Bonus: it’s not as expensive as Lulu Lemon (bless!). Etsy is also a great market to find handmade clothing items for a variety of price ranges.

Earth Day is approaching and it’s important that we remember to do everything we can to save our lovely planet Earth. Starting with small changes like choosing to shop responsibly will have a large impact in the long run!