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The Dos and Don’ts of a Spring Break Vegas Trip

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Vegas [vay-gus] noun.

  1. A mecca for college students everywhere to have the craziest time of their lives during spring break.

A short weekend or 3 day trip to Vegas can either be the best partying experience you’ve ever had, or the worst vacation you’ve ever spent your savings on, depending on how you prepare ahead of time. Here are the do’s and don’ts of Las Vegas so you can make sure you’re ready to have the most fun possible!


Bring your swimsuit. Going to Vegas over spring break means you’ll be able to bring your swimsuit because almost all of the pools open mid-March. Pool parties don’t really kick in until May, but considering that you haven’t been able to wear that cute swimsuit all winter, you’ll want to spend a relaxing time at the pool after walking around all day or clubbing at night.

Use taxis. Chances are, you’re bringing a set of killer heels or wedges to wear with your sparkly outfit, and a lot of the clubs won’t always be near your hotel. It’s already tiring to walk through the strip in comfortable shoes, so can you imagine doing it in heels? Also, once the sun goes down, Vegas gets kind of scary to walk through because of all the catcalls and people trying to flag you down with flyers. If you’re going with a group of your girlfriends, share a taxi van and go to and from your clubs that way. Since you’re sharing a cab, it’ll only be around $3 each, a price that’s more than worth it to get you safely there and back!

Bring a lot of change in cash. You’re going to be tipping a LOT, whether it’s a hotel bellhop, taxi driver, or bartender. Bring $1 bills everywhere you go!

Pack Light and switch outfits with friends. There’s no need to bring a huge suitcase filled with every skirt or dress you own. Pack 2 or 3 of your favorite outfits and see what your friends brought too. You’re most likely going to a different club each night so you can freely trade outfits with each other for a great variety of clothes.

Bring your own outlet. If you have more than 4 girls with you, you won’t have a lot of outlets in your hotel room to plug in your hair curler, blow dryer, and cell phone. Bring a power outlet with more plugs so you don’t have to wait an hour to do your own hair or charge your phone before going out.


Pay for club invitations from the people on the streets passing out flyers. Girls rule Vegas; you will most definitely get a free invitation from a good club from a club promoter. Do not pay a person on the street to get into clubs, they are not real club promoters! Club promoters will approach you inside the shopping malls or your hotels, they would never just wait on the street and they won’t ask you for a fee. Club promoters have business cards with the name of their club on it and a guest list via texting so you’ll get text message updates. If they ask you for money, they’re scamming you. Girls (unless it’s New Year’s or a celebrity event) should never pay to get into clubs!

Go through all of the hotels’ shopping malls. Unless you’re looking at the hotel’s icon like the Bellagio fountain or the giant shoes inside Cosmopolitan, you don’t need to go through all of the hotels’ shopping centers. They’re all the same! They all pretty much have the exact same stores, you can get your shopping done easily in one place and have the rest of the day to look at other things.

Feel like you have to say yes. Just because Vegas is sin city doesn’t mean you have to do something you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to go to a certain place or accept a drink from a stranger then say so! It’s not rude to speak up for yourself. You have standards, so don’t feel like you have to settle.

Forget comfy shoes to walk in. I made the mistake of packing only boots, booties, and heels, thinking that I’d be fine in them. Within 1 hour of walking of my very first day in Vegas, Both of my feet had blisters, and I had to buy sneakers at a nearby H&M! I could have avoided that if I had brought my moccasins or Toms with me. Putting on heels later that night was extremely painful, especially since my blisters were fresh.

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