Definitive Guide to Chris Brown's 45 New Songs

Chris Brown just released 45 songs on his new album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

As a long-time supportive, completely nonchalant and hands-off fan, I listened to all 45 songs in a shameless two hour and thirty-eight minutes for all Her Campus readers.

Here are carefully calculated categories in which I placed some of the songs into for the reader's convenience. Naturally, I also had to re-listen to all my old favorites of his, and thus included some of the most nostalgic throwback songs. Solely for the readers, of course. Here are my categories for any mood:

1. It’s poppin’ in my earphones, but I’m in public so I’ll keep my cool: Privacy, Questions, Rock Your Body, Tempo, Party, Sensei, Pills & Automobiles, Bite My Tongue, Only 4 Me

2. Why do I feel like someone wronged me when I don’t have a man: Lost & Found, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Hurt The Same, I Love Her, Nowhere, Tough Love, Even, Enemy, This Way, Emotions, Grass Ain’t Greener

3. Slowish tunes, but in a 'wake up on Sunday and remember you have a holiday on Monday' way: Hope You Do, Everybody Knows, This Ain’t, No Exit, You Like, Paradise, Covered In You, On Me, If You’re Down

4. Wow I’m looking good, my prospects this Friday tonight are up by 32%: Confidence, High End, Privacy, Roses, Handle It, Reddi Wip, Hangover

5. Might make the room awkward if played during a family reunion (in other words, marked as explicit): Lost & Found, Privacy, Juicy Booty, Roses, Tempo, Handle It, Sip, Everybody Knows, To My Bed, Hope You Do, This Ain’t, Pull Up, Party, Sensei, Summer Breeze, Pills & Automobiles, Hurt The Same, I Love Her, You Like, Other Ni***s,  Paradise, High End, On Me, Tell Me What To Do, Frustrated, Enemy, Run Away,  Yellow Tape, Reddi Wip, Hangover, Emotions, Only 4 Me, Grass Ain’t Greener

6. Subject for further analysis: Yellow Tape, Run Away

Bonus: Past Chris Brown releases I need y’all to recognize: With You (2009), Kiss Kiss (2009), Yeah 3x (2010), Look At Me Now (2011), Turn Up The Music (2012), Strip (2012), New Flame (2014), Came To Do (2014), Fine By Me (2015), Little More (2015), Wrist (2015), Anyway (2015), Zero (2015)


Cover image source: Pixabay