Dear Peet's Coffee

Dear Peet's Coffee,

Although I am writing to express my appreciation for you in its entirety, I mainly want to praise the location where my love for the brand was born: Downtown Davis. More importantly, I believe that any business, whether a mom and pop shop or gigantic enterprise, could learn from the seamless way the employees interact and work as a team.

The irony behind my love for Peet's is that I am not a coffee drinker. I am, however, a tea addict. From when I wake up to the time I go back to sleep, I am consistently seeking out a source of tea for a small boost of warmth and caffeine. Of the countless places I can purchase tea, why do I consistently go to the same place?

Image Source: Pexels 

Peet's has me wrapped around its finger, and this is no coincidence. In marketing, the idea of a “whole product” refers to everything beyond the physical product itself. For example, this includes customer loyalty programs, customer-service tactics, free Wi-Fi, and targeted marketing. In other words, Peet's offers more than just green tea leaves steeped in hot water, it offers a memorable experience. The employees greet me with a smile, have my drink order memorized, and allow me to mooch off the Wi-Fi while I do school work, accompanied by a consistent caffeine flow.

Although I am one for adventure, it would be very hard to convince me that there exists a better drink than “a jasmine downy peal green tea steeped in steamed soy milk”. It’s a tea latte, but essentially it's love in a cup. I consistently bring my own cup or use one of their mugs to ease my conscious about my contribution to climate change. And, although I have moments of guilt about the total amount I will inevitably spend at Peet's, I also feel that a couple dollars to be productive for five hours is pretty justified.

Image Source: Pexels

From observing the Peet's Team in downtown Davis, I have learned some crucial things to consider when I eventually choose a company and team to join. First, the employees care about the customers. They work hard and pick up the pace when lines get long without reducing drink quality. Second, they utilize their strengths to optimize work flow. The employees who process customer orders quickly tend to work the register while someone with a good memory finds themselves pumping out drinks without ever looking at a recipe card. Lastly, the employees take their work seriously and always expect more from themselves. Each day is an opportunity to be more efficient, create new drink combinations, and improve the overall perception of the Peet's brand. 

Thank you Peet's for the many warm teas, welcoming smiles, and productive days. You have truly won my customer loyalty for years to come.