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Dear Newly Admitted Davis Students…

Dear Newly Admitted Davis Students,

Congratulations on being admitted to UC Davis! That is a huge accomplishment and you should feel honored to have the chance to become an Aggie! By now, I’m sure you know how amazing UC Davis is; it’s ranked #6 among public universities in the US.

But I’m not writing this to sell you on the school, because you have already applied and gotten in. I’m writing this to tell you about all of the amazing experiences you can have as a UC Davis student, and to tell you some things I wish I knew before coming to Davis.

First off, you may think Davis is not going to be exciting because it is a small town in, what seems like, the middle of nowhere. This is what I thought before coming here, because I’m from the central coast of California. It was a big change going from the central coast to living in a town surrounded by agricultural fields. Davis is a fun place to be because, when you’re not studying, there are ample ways to fill your time with activities around town.

Davis is a really fabulous town with interesting festivals and town-wide celebrations. The main two are Picnic Day in April and the Whole Earth Festival in May. These festivals are super fun to spend with your friends, on and off campus.

Davis has plenty of restaurants of many different cultures, bars if you’re 21+, the Farmers Market, and three movie theaters — every college student’s prime necessities!

The town of Davis, in my opinion, is hands down the perfect college town. It is small enough that you always know where you are going, yet large enough that you won’t always see people you recognize.

Davis is also special because the location is close to many fun places. You’re only two hours away from Lake Tahoe, which has amazing mountains to ski and snowboard. San Francisco is roughly one and a half hours away if you want to head into the city for a day. Sacramento is 20 minutes away with shops and restaurants. And if you’re needing some wilderness for an afternoon, you can go hiking at Lake Berryessa. I couldn’t imagine going to a college in a different town.

UC Davis is more than just the town it is located in; it is the people here. This university has the nicest people from around the country and globe. Everyone eventually finds their home away from home here at UC Davis because of the people and the sense of community they offer.

Some people make close friends within the first couple weeks when they go to college, and then for others it might take a little longer. I hadn’t found my true friends by the end of my first quarter here. It was hard, but I didn’t dwell on it that much. By spring quarter, Davis became my home away from home. I joined a sorority that recently came to campus, and it changed my life.  

UC Davis has many sororities and fraternities, and Greek life can be a way to make new lifelong friendships. It definitely was the best decision of my college career so far, and I am grateful every day for my sorority sisters/best friends. There are so many ways to meet new people on campus if you set out to do it.

I cannot tell you how many amazing clubs, professional fraternities and sororities, and organizations there are here because there are so many. I joined a club dance team my freshman year and I met so many nice girls that really helped me transition to Davis. This year I joined Her Campus and met a new group of amazing women who love writing just as much as I do!

During the first month of school all of the club organizations table in the quad; make sure you check this out if you come here. Just think about one of your talents or interests, and I’m positive there is a club or organization at UC Davis to introduce you to people with the same talents or interests.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think UC Davis is the best school: it’s a very prestigious university, tuition is affordable, students are smart, it has plenty of athletics, and very welcoming people that are waiting to be your friend. Don’t worry about living in a small town because you have your whole life to live in a big city. And don’t let people tell you UC Davis is all about the cows, because it’s not.

I love UC Davis and going this school was the best choice for me. I think you will love it too. Welcome future Aggies!

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Courtney is a senior at the University of California Davis where she is earning her degree in Communication, with minor in English. Courtney is a member of Alpha Delta Pi and is from Santa Barbara, CA. She is an avid reader, Netflix and Hulu watcher, beauty enthusiast, and is a big foodie!
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