Dealing with Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are a touchy subject for many people. As it turns out, a lot more people deal with the difficulties of long distance relationships than you may think. Many have stayed with their significant others from high school and have gone off to different colleges or are simply dating a person from a different state or country. Whatever the case may be, long distance relationships are difficult to maintain and can often lead to a bunch of problems. Here are some tips to help you stay happy and excited in your long distance relationship.

1. Communicate often and communicate clearly. 

Communication in a long distance relationship is much more difficult to uphold than communication with a partner who lives near you. Since you aren’t able to have a conversation with your significant other face-to-face very often, you need to make sure that you have other ways to make contact with them. When the opportunity comes, be sure to update each other on how your day went, how you are feeling, and let them know if there is anything that is concerning you. Your partner will not be able to fix a problem that they don’t know about.

Image source: Van Thang

2. Trust your partner. 

Trust is important in any relationship, but it is especially important in long distance relationships because you aren’t able to monitor what your significant other is doing all of the time. It is easy to assume that they are being unfaithful in a long distance relationship when they’re not responding to your text messages often or missing your calls; however, the best thing that you can do for yourself and for your partner is to not assume the worst and simply ask why they’ve been busy. Trusting your partner will take away added stress and heartache. 

3. Enjoy your alone time. 

A problem that non-long distance relationships face is that couples often see too much of each other in short periods of time. They’ll get bored or irritated more easily because all of their free time is spent with each other. If this is the case with you, take it as a positive sign. Because you don’t have the opportunity to see your partner as often, you are being given more freedom and time to enjoy yourself. Treasure these moments and allow yourself to grow and improve.

4. Seeing your partner is more exciting. 

Because you are not able to see your significant other very often, being given the opportunity to see them becomes more exciting. Plan out when you are going to see each other and what activities you will do together during your next meetup. Planning together will make you both more excited to see each other and will make the day more special when it happens.

5. Cherish every moment you have with your partner in person.

Being apart from your partner most of the time is hard and you will miss each other. This is why you should truly cherish every single moment that you do have face-to-face. Because they are few and far between, make sure to enjoy every second that you have together.

Image source: Pixabay

6. Keep your mind on your end goals. 

If you and your partner have discussed moving closer to one another or even moving in together someday, keep that end goal in mind. Remember that although the distance is hard now, someday the distance will not be an issue. The hard work that you both put in to maintain a strong relationship will pay off in the end.

Long distance relationships are difficult for everyone, no matter how strong a person is. But being able to communicate with your partner often about what is and isn’t going well will help to fix problems that your partner may not be aware of. Trusting your partner and enjoying the time you have to yourself will also relieve some of the stress of the relationship. When you are able to see your partner, the time spent together will be exciting and special, and someday the distance will shorten and you will be able to say that the work put in was worth it.