Dealing with Infatuation

Imagine you’re sitting in class, waiting for lecture to start, when a beautiful person walks in and sits down beside you. You don’t know what it is about them that you find attractive, but they have that certain something that catches your eye. Over the next hour, you brainstorm ideas in your head about striking up a conversation, but don’t pull through because they’re just too intimidating.

When class comes to an end, you sit in silence. The professor finally dismisses everyone and as you’re packing up your belongings, the person turns your way and asks if you could pick up the pen they just dropped. You do so immediately, acting cool, calm, and collected. On the inside, you’re freaking out.

The week ends, and you still find yourself thinking about this gorgeous individual. You just can’t stop. You, my friend, are infatuated.

Signs You’re Infatuated with Someone

1.     You get very nervous/anxious when you look at them (probably because you put them on a high pedestal).

2.     You feel like you like them a lot when you don’t actually know them at all.

3.     You like them based on their physical appearance.

4.     You feel like you can’t fully be yourself around them.

5.     You constantly think about them even though not much has happened between you two.

How to Cope with Infatuation

1.     Tell yourself they’re only a person, not a God.

2.     Remember that if you ended up getting to know them, there’s no guarantee that you’d like their personality.

3.     Learn more about yourself and what qualities you look for in a significant other. See if this person actually has any of those qualities. If not, your infatuation will be short-lived.

4.     Remind yourself that looks aren’t the most important thing when it comes to dating someone.

5.     Remember that these feelings of infatuation are usually temporary.