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Just like every year, Picnic Day rolls around during Spring quarter, and as it is the largest student run event in the nation, you can bet that it is every Aggie’s ~favorite~ day of the year. Although I was able to spend the day with my friends from Davis as well as one of my best friends from home that now goes to UC Berkeley, I found that the reason I was able to have a day full of festivities was because I carved a large amount of that time from my study schedule. Now, as I reflect on my amazing weekend, I also see stress ahead of me. Luckily, I have been able to do some ~rejuvenating~ activities to help prepare me for the success I desperately need in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, these can help you too!


I did a little spring cleaning and it is the perfect way to destress. I felt accomplished after completing the task and I was left with a clean room, and a clear headspace. When my workspace is clean, I feel like there is nothing I cannot do.

Listening to music

Obviously, certain people enjoy different types of music; however, I have found that one of the most calming playlists I have listened to is called Peaceful Piano. It is a premade Spotify playlist, and although I enjoy creating my own, this one helps me feel calm when I am feeling overwhelmed. (It is also my finals study playlist).


I have spoken to all of my friends about the benefits that journaling has brought me. I find that when I am stressed the best thing I can do for myself to help clear my mind is to transplant my exhausting thoughts onto paper rather than reanalyzing them in my mind. Writing down what is causing me stress helps me to initiate a feeling of solace. I also encourage writing everyday in order to unclutter your mind because whenever I wait a couple weeks to journal, my entry is congested with too many thoughts to completely address.


Since I live off campus this year, I was initially anxious about biking from my apartment to campus, and honestly, I do not live in one of those apartment complexes with a prime location. I live two miles from campus. I have had my driver’s license for four years now so believe me when I say that I have taken the ease of driving for granted. Two miles does not seem like much, but it definitely is; however, as this became routine during Fall quarter of my second year, I have discovered that biking is relaxing. It is the perfect 15 minutes where I can plan my next steps for the day or think about anything that has been on my mind lately.

Madi is currently a fourth-year student at UC Davis majoring in English and Poltical Science. She is currently a marketing intern for the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. Her favorite hobbies are reading, making Spotify playlists, and grabbing lattes with her girls! 
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