Davis’s 6 Best Post-12AM Snacking Places

You’re having a night on the town, hanging out with your friends and all of a sudden you get the midnight munchies. What do you do at this inopportune time? You would think that nowhere in Davis is open—well think again! Davis offers a wide variety of food establishments where you can get your grub on.


What’s better to get your grub on than to get a nice, juicy hamburger?  Not only does In-N-Out offer fresh ingredients, nice proportions, and a low cost for practically everything on their menu, but they’re also open until 1 AM on weekdays and 1:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Taco Bell

Going along with the fast-food trend we have here, the Taco Bell located in downtown Davis (on G Street) is open surprisingly late. Thursday through Saturdays they’re open until 3 AM and every other day they’re still open until 2 AM! Who doesn’t love getting a mouth-watering taco with friends?

The Old Tea House

If you’ve lived in Cuarto or Segundo, then you definitely know about the Old Tea House. If you’re a boba lover, then you probably also know about it. And if you often get the midnight munchies, then you should know about it because on Thursdays and Fridays they’re open until 2 AM. Every other day, they’re still open until 12 AM! Go have fun and get your boba late at night.

Thai Canteen

Quite possibly the best place to be constantly open late. This establishment is open until 2 AM every day of the week except Sunday and Monday—not to mention the fact that they have amazing food. Word on the street is that they have outstanding Thai fried rice, but you didn’t hear it from us.

Taqueria El Burrito Davis (AKA “El Bo”)

Much like Taco Bell, El Burrito is open until 3 AM Thursday through Saturday, but unlike Taco Bell, they have actually amazing food. So when you have time late at night and you want a little more than just fast food, head to El Burrito.


Safeway is open 24 hours. They have food. Enough said.