David Adams, the Guy Next Door

Meet David Adams, an artistic soul determined to achieve all of his goals while looking good doing it.

Name: David Adams

Year: 2018

Major: Psychology and Managerial Economics double major

Hometown: Queens, NY

Relationship status: I’m in an open relationship with Netta Schwarz.

Campus Activities: I’m in business and finance commission for ASUCD, I’m a member of AEPi, and I am a historian for them. I take all photos and videos for their events, and I am working on our rush video right now. I’m in the Morgan Stanley financial training program, and I will soon be an administrator for that.

Life Motto: F**k it.

Two things we should know about you: 1. I want to make indie films and coming of age films. 2. I’m the first in my family to go to college.

Your best physical feature: My eyes

Favorite Friday night activity: Making espresso Martinis while being bougie, and hanging out with Saba.

Favorite college experience so far: Last summer studying abroad in Europe.

Favorite thing to photograph: I really like fashion photography and architecture. I also like street photography; growing up in New York got me started.

Signature dance move: Twerking

Celebrity Alter-Ego: Michael Cera, for sure.

What type of person gets a swipe right from you?: Being athletic, or you can just be Netta Schwarz.

Biggest turn off for you: Laziness

Pick up line that has worked for or on you: I love it when 50 year olds send me nudes.

Favorite study spot: Pachamama (RIP) and Temple

Favorite hang out spot on campus: the Quad

Advice for freshmen: Be yourself, join Greek life, and take school seriously.

Any hidden talents?: Beans (a friend) interjects: he’s really good at dating apps.

Ideal late-night meal: Mangos

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at Davis: My first day that I was here, I decided to go out and meet people. I went biking in the arboretum and there was someone running right in front of me. She had her head phones on, and she couldn’t hear me. I almost crashed into her, and I fell into the water. My bike got stuck in between my legs, and the girl had to help me and so did these two other girls. I stayed in my room for the rest of the day.

How frat are you?: on a scale from GDI to Frat Star… (asks Beans)

Beans: I’d say you’re pretty GDI

David: Damn, really?

Beans: Yeah

5 words that best describe you: Hardworking, determined, creative, genuine, kinky