Coming Back After Winter Break

Being able to spend a month at home was a much needed break from school, and a great opportunity to spend quality time with my family and friends. Although I did miss Davis and all the wonderful people I’ve met here, I very rapidly set into my old routine. Thanksgiving break was too short for me to get comfortable, but winter break gave me plenty of time to grow accustomed to living at home again. It felt normal, as though I had never left, until the few days leading up to coming back to school. Despite my frequent protests and outbursts of “I don’t want to go back!” I am happy to be back at UC Davis, and I have realized several things in the couple days since I’ve returned to the dorms.


My homesickness on Sunday afternoon felt almost as severe as it did in September, when I left my family for the first time. Thankfully the severity did not last as long, but it did make me realize how accustomed I’ve grown to the feeling of homesickness. I used to think my homesickness came in waves where sometimes I missed home and other times I didn’t, but now I see that the feeling is constantly there, I’ve just grown used to it.

Winter Quarter Weather

I have lived in Southern California my entire life. Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of rain I’ve experienced in these first couple days of winter quarter. The sky is gloomy, my umbrella broke after losing a battle with the wind, and I am constantly drenched because I did not buy a proper raincoat. I am quickly realizing that my current wardrobe is not enough to deal with the rain or cold that comes with winter quarter.

The Dining Commons

I loved being able to eat at home, but watching my parents cook reminded me of what a hassle it would be to cook for myself. Winter break made me appreciate the convenience of the dining commons, because it ensures I don’t have to cook.

I Love UC Davis

The most important thing I realized when coming back to Davis after a month is that I genuinely love this school. Even though I was sad to leave home, I was immediately greeted by encouraging friends who were experiencing the same emotions. Walking around campus reminded me how much I love this school and all the opportunities it has given me. No matter how much I miss home, I would not have gained as much independence and confidence as I have living on my own. I always know I can rely on my family for anything, but I’m starting to learn how important it is to rely on myself, too.

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