The Comeback Quarter

Spring break is over, and the quarter is in full swing. Syllabus week is finished *cries silently as professors make us do actual work now*. You can feel the routine of returning to academic life setting in. 

Last quarter was tough. It was cold and rainy. Maybe you had a heavy course load. Maybe you didn’t, and school was still hard. Maybe you failed a class, or didn’t do as well in one as you thought you would. Maybe everything was easy and you got all the grades you wanted because you spent exorbitant amounts of time in the library and studied all day and night. 

However, it’s a new quarter. The weather is brighter, and the end of another academic year is coming to a close (sorry seniors, don’t mean to scare you!) There’s so much to do, see, and experience before the year is over.

If it’s your first year, enjoy your first spring quarter and the sunshine. If it’s your last year, try something you haven’t done before. Go to Wednesday night FarMar, take a fitness class you’ve always wanted to check out, sit on the quad and do nothing in between classes, or find a new restaurant downtown.

I had a crap winter quarter where everything seemed to always be going wrong. I found myself calling my mom way more than I ever had in my two years of college so far. So I’m making this quarter my comeback quarter. This is the quarter where I don’t overload on units or extracurriculars, and I have time to finish The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and maybe some other novels on my To Be Read list. I will actually have time for my friends (and myself) between work and school.

The sun is shining and the rain is (or at least seems to be) gone. Make this quarter your best quarter yet, Aggies!