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Coffee Hacks: How to Save Money on Coffee

Every time I check my bank statements, I am overwhelmed by one major purchase of mine: coffee. Whether it’s my morning cup of Joe at the Coho, an afternoon pick-me-up from the Pete’s Coffee, or a splurge at Dutch Bro’s, I spend quite a bit of my monthly food budget on coffee alone. 

So recently, I’ve started adjusting my habits and introducing a few new practices into my daily routine in order to cut down some of my coffee purchases. Of course, I still treat myself once in awhile, but these tips have made my caffeine addiction much more manageable. 

1. Invest in a good coffee maker

A good coffee maker is essential, especially if you’re a novice to making coffee. I’d suggest to start with a drip coffee machine such as Black Decker’s Easy 8-Cup Coffeemaker. All you need is to grab a set of coffee filters and ground up beans of your favorite coffee. Getting the proportions right takes a while, but with practice you’ll be able to eyeball your coffee measurements.

2. Get Torani syrups

If you like a shot of mocha or vanilla in your coffee, invest in a set of Torani syrups. They’re easily found on Torani’s website or at some local stores, and they can turn your at-home coffee routine into a barista experience. 

3. Split your coffee making with roommates

Have your coffee-drinking roommates get on board with your new routine! Each day, rotate who makes the morning cup and split the cost of the beans. 

Image source: Pexels

4. Get cute coffee mugs

I have two coffee mugs from Starbucks that make me feel like I’m actually drinking the bucks. Let’s be honest… a cute mug is so much more fun to drink out of than a paper cup. 

5. Stock up on cold coffee

Most grocery stores sell tubs of cold brew coffee (Starbucks and Pete’s coffee brands included)! They’re on the steep side, but one tub lasts 6-7 drinks. Take advantage of the warmer weather and stock your fridge up with cold coffee.

Image source: Pexels

6. Look for deals and coffee apps

Join the rewards programs for your favorite coffee stores and keep an eye out for any deals they may have going on. Also, be sure to collect stamp cards and save up for that free cup. 

When you do find yourself out at a coffee shop, try to be mindful about what you purchase. Pay in cash rather than credit card, and find creative ways to get the same taste you crave. For example, instead of a Caramel Frappuccino, get a latte with a pump of caramel.

I love coffee and am not willing to part with it for a while. These hacks have helped me maintain my caffeine addiction but stay money-smart. 

Maria is a fourth year at University of California, Davis where she is double majoring in Economics and Comparative Literature. When she's not studying for her classes or writing up an article, you can find her playing soccer with her friends, working with the UCD School of Education or chowing down on some delicious Thai food with her roommates.
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