Chance the Rapper Is Coming to UCD

On October 30th, Chance the Rapper is bringing his Coloring Book tour to UC Davis. This is incredibly exciting, considering that UCD hasn’t had this big of a performer since Drake in 2013 (shout-out to the Entertainment Council for making this happen). Here’s a list of a few songs to get you hyped up before Chance’s show at the ARC Pavilion.

1. Before Coloring Book, there was Acid Rap. One song that’s great to start your playlist with is “Juice”. Unfortunately, this song doesn’t get performed on tour, but it’s a great listen anyways. Trust us.

2. Acid Rap kicks off with a catchy intro song that sets the stage for the rest of the energetic album. “Good Ass Intro” is just that: a good ass intro. 

3. A contrast to the last high energy song which doesn’t get performed on tour is a song from Acid Rap called “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, which luckily for us, does get performed.

4. Acid Rap wasn’t free from collaborations either — the song “Favorite Song” featuring Childish Gambino may be one you want to listen to. It’s one of our favorite songs, and it’s okay if you don’t know the words yet.

5. After the success of Justin Bieber’s Purpose album, it was extremely exciting to see Chance working with him on Coloring Book (they previously worked together on Bieber’s song “Confident”, pre-Purpose). “Juke Jam” has to be one of best collaborations (and slower songs) off the album.

6. “Angels” featuring Saba is set to be one of the opening songs of the show, which reminds us how blessed we are to have Chance at UCD. 

7. "No Problem" is one of the more popular songs on Coloring Book, seeing as it has made its way onto mainstream radio (without the help of a label of course). If this song doesn’t get you hyped, you’re lying.

8. Here are some notable collaborations worth listening to: “The Way” with Kehlani, “Ultralight Beam” with Kanye West, and “Sunday Candy” with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. These are all songs that Chance reportedly performs on tour — and we personally can’t wait to hear them live. 

9. 10 Days was one of Chance’s first albums and although he probably won’t perform songs from this album, it’s a great listen and you can really get a feel for how Chance has transformed his music and his message. Our favorites are “Long Time” and “Nostalgia”.

These are just a few of the many songs that Chance has released, and there’s many more for you to discover on your own. Time for you to start making that playlist, because Chance is coming to Davis. 

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