California Takes the Lead: First State to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing

Politics is one of those things that often feels like a giant elephant in the room. In a world full of fake news and narrow-minded people with ultimatums, sometimes it's easiest to avoid the matter altogether. However, I have to remind myself that there are some political advances worth celebrating in spite of the drama that can feel impossible to sort through.

One piece of legislation that I believe calls for some celebration was just passed about a month ago. On September 28, 2018, the California Senate passed a bill that prohibits cosmetic manufacturers from using animal testing methods. California is the first state to completely ban animal testing for cosmetic purposes. Companies have until January 1, 2020 to implement this bill into their companies’ practices. The FDA does not prohibit animal testing for cosmetic purposes, so I am hoping that California can lead the way.

Rewind two years and I would never think twice about the ingredients or manufacturing practices of the various companies I was supporting. I used to never question if the shampoo and lotion brands I so dearly loved were ethically produced or safe for my health. However, fast forward to today, I rarely make a purchase without reading ingredient labels and researching which companies use humane practices. In today’s world, every dollar we spend is a vote in support of the companies from which we consume. There are so many product choices in the market that it can often be overwhelming. However, I urge people to look further into the brands they choose to support, whether it be cosmetics, food, clothing, or technology. We have to remember that not every company has the best interest of the consumer. So, it is important that we know when to take matters into our own hands.

At times it can be hard to navigate the political world, and it often feels like we are taking one step forward and two steps back.  However, politics affects us all and it is important to stand up for the things which we value most.