Bored of Davis? The Essential Guide to Fun Things to Do in Sacramento

Ever feel like there’s not enough fun things to do in Davis? Contrary to popular belief, there are a ton of fun things to do in Sacramento! The Yolobus comes to both the MU and the Silo and is a free, no-hassle way to get into the city. If you don't want to bus, Sacramento is an easy-breezy 20-minute drive away.

Here are 12 must-sees in Sacramento:

1. Wine & Paint Night at The Painted Cork

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown, The Painted Cork is perfect for a girls' night out or date night. They post a calendar with the paintings for each month and you can get great deals on prices. Bring your own wine and snacks and they show you every step of how to create the perfect painting, no artistic experience required.

2. Tour of the California State Capitol Building

If you've never been to the Capitol, it's definitely a sight to behold. The grounds are lush, pretty and perfect for picture-taking. There’s a great display of art from all 58 counties, so be sure to stop by at some point!

Image source: Pexels, Emilie Saylor

3. Visit the Crocker Art Museum

Love art? This is a must-see museum located in downtown Sacramento.

4. Stroll Through Sutter's Fort

Sutter's Fort is a quick, fun trip that offers a glimpse into Sacramento's past.

5. Visit the California State Railroad Museum in Old Town Sacramento

While this may not sound interesting, this is actually one of the best museums in Sacramento. It tells the story of how Sacramento came into existence through the perspective of the railroads. Conveniently located on the river in Old Town Sacramento, this is a perfect stop for a day strolling through Old Town Sac.

Image source: Pixabay

6. The California Museum

Located a block away from the Capitol, the California Museum is completely free and a great museum for people of all ages. There's an amazing quilt display with historical scenes relating to California.

7. Wine & Brew at the Sacramento Zoo

While this is a smaller zoo, they hold Wine & Brew nights during late Spring and Summer, which are definitely worth it. Buy tickets in advance, and you can sample wines from wineries and breweries throughout Sacramento.

8. Stroll Through the International World Peace Gardens

The perfect photo-op with friends, go on a serene walk through the lush rose garden!

Image source: Marisa Morton, Unsplash

9. The American River Bike Trail

This is a beautiful trail that runs along the Sacramento River and is the perfect weekend walk.

10. Go on an Underground Tour at the Sacramento History Museum

This tour explains how Sacramento built itself up over the years to avoid flooding.

11. Tour a Mansion: The Leland Stanford Museum

This breathtaking mansion is a must-see. With 17-foot ceilings and gold mirrors, this is definitely a fun adventure.

12. Treat Yourself to a Cheesy, Chocolatey Paradise at The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is pure heaven: go with friends and share a pot of melted cheese or treat yourselves to dessert! They have great cocktails as well.