Book Review: Hannah Hart's Buffering

I have always been a sucker for buying my favorite YouTuber’s books. There’s been a lot of flack in the past years for how many online creators suddenly have writing skills and are able to publish best-selling books (scandals of ghostwriting and terrible books have plagued fans for months).  However, Hannah Hart, known for her channel Harto and online series My Drunk Kitchen, published her second book recently and I knew I would have to get it.  Not only is she hilarious, smart, and proven to be a good writer, but this book was an inspiring collection of essays about her entire life. Hannah had previously confessed to having a difficult childhood but had never gone into much detail - this book, however, is mind-opening in areas of mental health, poverty, religion, sexuality, friendship, and more.

By far, the strongest aspect in the book is her frank discussion about mental health. Her mom is schizophrenic, and her childhood was riddled with missed meals, cockroaches, and all the gritty details of living with someone who is severely mentally ill. It’s eye opening to say the least, especially as she later goes on to talk about the long, arduous court process to get her mother into a home and how hard it is to do that with our current court system laws.

Not only will this book teach you a thing or two about our mental health care system, but it could also really help someone who feels a little lost. Her struggle with growing up in a fear-mongering religion coupled with the realization that she is gay makes for both sweet and tearful moments. Her experiences may be exclusively unique to her, but the message is still incredibly heartfelt and insightful.

Of course there are fun gags as well - her trials and tribulations with comedy, her tattooing experience with best friend Grace Helbig, and airplane travel tips for the “casual travel assh*le.”

The growth of Hannah’s story-telling skills have grown exponentially as her first book, a cookbook, can be described more as a direct translation from her videos in book formation, but her second is an introspective look at the honest trial and tribulations of life.

A recommendation for anyone looking to read a fascinating life story that evolved into an eventual creative success and a platform for millions.


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