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Bless Your Instagram Feed: UC Davis Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Not only is UC Davis a serene college campus, it is also a perfect photo-op. There are walls of greenery everywhere you look, beautiful flowers with a turn of the head, and walls with lighting that would make a VSCO filter jealous. Keep on scrolling for ten spots on campus that will bless any social media feed.

1. Brick UC Davis Sign Behind Young Hall

This brick wall is your decision day and grad photo BFF. You can sit on it, stand on it, lean against it, you name it. The trees and the aging buildings in the background give a special life to the photo that you can’t get anywhere else on campus.

2. Walls of the Tercero Dorm Rooms

The warm and cool hues of the paint on these buildings are absolutely stunning! You can play it up by wearing a color that is completely opposite from the shade of the wall for ultimate contrast. Another fun route is to wear a color that is similar or has the same vibrancy of muted attribute, for a monochromatic effect.

3. Library Courtyard

This is one of my favorite places on campus. When the weather is nice, it is so serene, and there’s nothing better than flipping through a book under the shade of the trees. The lighting is pristine; there is never an awkward shadow or sunspot that will flaw your photos.

4. Lower Freeborn Hall

This is perhaps the most under-recognized place on campus! The faded slate-blue paint provides cool temperature contrast in photos. My favorite thing about this location is the brick wall because it’s not your basic brick wall photo. To me, it looks like the entrance to Diagon Alley! Little pockets of light peek out from the spaces in the wall and I think it looks beautiful.

5. Voorhies Garden

The flowers here are absolutely gorgeous. There is a large assortment of various buds and all of them are named after literary characters. If you haven’t been to the English building on campus before, pay a visit! A lovely water fountain sits in the center of the courtyard and there are benches for relaxing or for reading.

6. Olson Bridge

This bridge overlooks the quad and gives an amazing view of central campus. The rustic wood gives an earthy texture to photos and the benches make the perfect reading spot. Be wary of the squirrels who live here though, they are feisty!

7. Quad

The most luscious patch of green grass you can find lies at the heart of UC Davis. When the weather is warm, dozens of students can be found napping, studying, or reading on the quad, or cozying up in a hammock. This is the perfect spot to bake in the sun, or to take some really cute photos.  

8. Segundo Student Garden

This little bunch of purple flowers and other various species of greenery is so adorable. The contrast between the vibrant lilac flowers and the green leaves is so beautiful. It smells heavenly (of flowers and food) and the dining commons blocks the sun, so you get the perfect amount of shade.

9. Arboretum

The arboretum is one of the reasons why I chose to come to UC Davis. I can’t fathom that we have an entire ecosystem on campus. There are hundreds of different plant species, turtles, ducks, and fish. It is absolutely beautiful on its own and that is why it’s a beautiful location for photos!

10. The Poppy Field

The poppy field that is next to the Veterinary Medicine building is the literal definition of #goals. During golden hour, these golden flowers will make you GLOW! This little patch of poppies is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and belong in a movie. There is also a patch of long grass that makes you look like you’re whimsically disappearing into nature’s beauty. They are so beautiful that they don’t even look real. Bring a friend and have them take photos of your lovely face surrounded by these gems of nature.

All photos are courtesy of the author

Caitlyn is a third-year student at UC Davis. She is studying Information & Communication Technology and English, with a minor in Computer Science. You can find her conducting Picnic Day board meetings as Vice Chair, working on code for research projects, downing an iced black tea and enjoying a good book.
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