Black-Owned Nurseries for New Plant Parents

Winter is gloomy and my energy is always a little lower compared to the brighter seasons. My roommate—who has an unbelievable collection of plants—convinced me to get a few house plants for my bedroom a few months ago. I got a Philodendron and a ZZ plant. Then, I got a Money tree, a Monstera, and a Peace lily. I continued to buy plants, and now my Zoom background is a jungle. So, why do I keep buying them? 

They make me feel alive, rejuvenated, and simply joyful. It’s a great feeling to have something living to take care of and watch grow around you. I’m definitely looking forward to extending my collection. Although I haven’t been to a lot of nurseries, I plan to go at some point during the coming months (hopefully weeks). Because February is Black History Month, we need to be aware, recognize, and be supportive of the achievements made by African Americans. Although there are many more ways to be encouraging, I want to list a few plant shops around the U.S. that are Black-owned. 

hands holding a plant Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash

1. Natty Garden

Located in Brooklyn, this shop has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, pots, and necessary garden tools. They are very happy to help those who need assistance in re-potting or those who are new plant owners in general.

2. Tal & Bert

Founded by husband and wife, Ray and Val Talbert, they hand-sculpt their own pots from concrete and use the money made to give back to communities. 

3. Grounded

Dedicated to improving health and overall happiness, Grounded sells many beautiful plants and planters. They also have a blog that introduces different types of houseplants and how to care for them.

4. Yelo Aple

Not only do I feel better when plants are around me, but so does Bee - the founder of Yelo Aple. This shop has pottery, plants, skincare, art, and so much more (even lava rocks)!

5. The Zen Succulent

Founded by mother and daughter, Megan and Margaret George, this shop is located in Durham, North Carolina, but ships directly to your doorstep. They have air plants, succulents, ferns, and all varieties of easy-care houseplants.

Open sign Photo by Mike Petrucci from Unsplash

There are many more Black-owned plant companies aside from the ones I listed. Let’s be aware and participate in Black History Month by going out there and beginning a journey to becoming a plant parent!