The Best Styles of Harry Styles

Harry Styles, my favorite One Direction member and overall love of my life for the past eight years, is now the rightful face of Gucci, as he’s been continuously serving the best fashion looks of the decade. Harry Styles is known for effortlessly breaking binary gender barriers in fashion through uniquely-tailored outfits, as seen in his past solo concert tour and especially in his most recently celebrated Camp themed look at the 2019 Met Gala (which he served as co-chair!).

One of my favorite looks is the classy pinstripe jumpsuit he wore in his 2017 performance for The Late Late Show with James Corden and also during his 2018 world tour in Dublin, Ireland.

Image source: CBS

The dark green color of the suit in contrast with the black and gold design on the cuffed sleeves marks this outfit as the beginning to more exuberant looks in the future. Obviously, he knows he looks good as he glares at the camera like that.

Another amazing outfit worn by Harry is a suit he wore on his 2018 world tour, specifically at the Stockholm, Sweden performance.

Image source: Harry Styles Fashion Archive

This pink gingham suit was customized by Calvin Klein for him to wear on just one night of the tour. Pink is definitely his color! Does he remind you of someone?

Probably the most iconic photos ever published in the history of the universe that actually broke the internet (sorry, Kim!) was Harry’s second set of campaign photos for Gucci.

Image source: Gucci

That crown! The little piglets! The immense detailing and patterns on his suit! There’s just A LOT to process here.

Last, but definitely not the least, the outfit that had everyone’s heads turning just a couple weeks ago was Harry Style’s 2019 Met Gala look.

Image source: Vogue

Unsurprisingly repping Gucci alongside the same brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles showed up to the Met Gala he co-chaired in a sheer blouse with hyper-high-rise trousers. His interpretation of this year’s theme, Camp, was one that either underwhelmed critics or stunned supporting fans. Of course, I belong in the latter group. This iconic look was not only theme-appropriate, but also a new one for him. I mean, he actually got his ear pierced to wear the beautiful pearl earring to the event!

No longer that cheeky seventeen-year-old in a boyband we once knew, Harry Styles has now evolved into a trendsetting king of fashion and “Style” icon. If you love all of his outfits just as much as I do (or just love him in general!), I highly recommend going through the Harry Styles Fashion Archive, where you can find a collective document of all his iconic outfits and bold fashion pieces.