Best Davis Cafés to Go for Finals

Finals week is here, and the library is basically the most toxic environment for stressed-out students. Here are some relaxing places to study away from campus!

Mishka's Café

Mishka's serves an array of different beverages and pastries to complement your drink. If you're an early bird, this is a great place to study. There are more seats in the morning and the Wi-Fi works significantly better. While afternoons at this coffee house can be equally as chaotic as the Shield's Library, mornings provide a warm and serene environment for stressful studies.

Temple Coffee Roasters

If you have a ton of readings to finish, Temple is the way to go. This cafe has zero outlets and no Wi-Fi, meaning you'll be forced to open those books without distractions. In an era where students are consumed in social media and technology, it's difficult to complete a task without getting sidetracked. This might sound like your personal hell, but trust me it works.

Image source: Pexels


Grab a crepe and pot of tea for your take-home finals. I go to Crepeville when I have essays to complete. The connection is good and there are outlets everywhere, perfect for sitting long hours typing away on your laptop. Writer's block is also very real, and you might need some brain-fuel in between to get ideas flowing.

Your Favorite Chain Coffee Shop

Whether it's Peet's or Starbucks, these coffee shops are bound to have outlets and Wi-Fi. More importantly, there's more than one of them. If you have a regular order or favorite drink at either café, that sense of familiarity might bring you ease through studying. Just remember to go when it's not too busy!

Boba Shops

There are plenty of these in Davis, and most of them provide outlets and Wi-Fi, which seems to be a priority for students. If you're not a fan of coffee and work well in loud spaces, this might be a better option.

All-in-all, these are better places to study than the library. It's difficult not to feel miserable in a place associated with all-nighters and endless cramming. Self-care is number one, and location can help in preparing for finals. Good luck!

Cover image source: Pexels