Best Boba Tea Places in Davis

If you're like me, as soon as you move somewhere new, you want to figure out where the best places are to eat, get coffee, and most importantly: to get boba. So if you're new to Davis or recently discovered the wonders of boba tea, here is a list of most boba places in Davis!

Central Davis/Downtown (Close to Campus!)

ShareTea: Sharetea is probably as close to UC Davis as you’re going to get. Located right across the street from the Death Star (also known as the Social Sciences and Humanities building), Sharetea is a great place to spend a break between classes. They have specialty, milk, and fruit teas!

Tea One: Located on E street in Downtown, Tea One is a cute place with great boba! They’re run by the same people as Sharetea, but offer a slightly different but more specified selection of teas.

Lazi Cow: Lazi Cow has a really cute atmosphere and you get to keep the customized Lazi Cow bottle that your drink is served in! They also have a swing that is very Instagram-able.

North Davis/North Campus

Gong-Cha: This boba restaurant is located in the Marketplace in North Davis, next to the Round Table pizza. Gong-Cha has a relatively limited selection but still has great boba!

On Tap: Located in University Mall, On Tap is a great place for a really wide selection of boba drinks and dessert. They offer a lot of flavors, tea types, toppings, and fun upbeat atmosphere. If you’re feeling decadent, also try out their brick toast!

Old Teahouse: Old Teahouse is also located in U-Mall on the same strip as On Tap. Old Teahouse also offers meals as well.

West Davis

Mandro: This place has really great drinks and a wide selection. They also have food as well as dessert. I highly recommend this!

Happy boba hunting!