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The start of a new year means new resolutions that become forgotten in less than a month. But this year, I really want things to be different! Even though progress is not linear and I can definitely expect to slip up along the way, here are some ways I plan on broadening my horizons and elevating my lifestyle one step at a time.


I bought the cutest wellness journal for inspiration to write about my feelings more. It put a dent in my bank account, but you can also just buy a regular notebook and look up journaling prompts online. Ranting about how my day went or envisioning new goals will help me rearrange the millions of thoughts running in my mind. By putting my ideas onto paper, I hope I can form a clearer understanding of who I am and understand how much more I’m capable of.


Doing chores can seem like such a daunting task sometimes, but those random bursts of motivation make me feel super productive. One of the tasks I always put off is organizing my bedroom. You’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after throwing away old papers, donating clothes you no longer reach for, and moving furniture or items to make it more “you.” We are constantly evolving, so it’s only right that we change up our living space when things get boring.


As a child, I absolutely loved reading any and every book within my reach. As I got older though, reading consisted of dense literature for classes, which made it less appealing to me. But I recently picked up a book and remembered how fun it is to read without any expectations. I hope to read a book a month, ranging in a variety of genres so I can gain the most knowledge and better myself.

Going on walks

I know Covid has made going outside an ordeal, and as of right now I’m very much cooped up in my room. However, nothing beats going for a stroll outside, whether it be past residential neighborhoods or a quiet park. I like to take pictures of pretty things I see as I’m walking and also play my favorite songs so the moment feels extra special. Not only is walking great for your metabolism and overall health, but it also serves as an amazing mental health break, especially from stressful classes.

A more productive way of using social media

I’ll admit, going on TikTok for hours on end is not the most useful way of passing time, but it’s hard to limit yourself when you’re exposed to so much information in such a short period of time. I can never give up TikTok, but the way I use this platform and other forms of social media can definitely improve. For example, I’ve gotten better at not using Instagram as a means of comparing myself to other people. I realize that everyone fabricates their life to paint a certain image of themselves, so as long as I’m content with mine there’s no reason for me to view Instagram as a toxic space. In terms of TikTok, I’m going to place it lower on my list of priorities so that during the same time I can scroll on TikTok, I can instead read more or talk to friends.

Self-improvement is challenging but very fulfilling when a simple ritual makes you feel content. Making morning coffee or dressing up in your favorite outfit are small but meaningful things that you should cherish. So, this year, romanticize your life and make the most of every moment, good and bad.

Chelina is a third-year Communication and Sociology major at UC Davis. She loves binge watching Parks and Rec and considers herself an ice cream fanatic. After graduating, she hopes to work in public relations, marketing, or consulting.
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