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Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

It’s December now, but this year has completely warped our perception of time, or at least mine. If you told me it was April right now, I would probably believe you. Does anyone else feel that way?

But this year did happen. I promise. No matter how difficult, relaxing, frustrating, or insane this year was, it still happened. You still got through it. And there’s still another one coming. Hopefully, that one will be even better. 

Before we get into the new year, I want to take a moment to reflect upon and appreciate all we have accomplished in 2020. I get that in many ways, 2020 wasn’t exactly anyone’s prime. But here’s the thing: you still did it. You overcame all those challenges. You got through it all. And I couldn’t be more proud of you. 

So remind yourself: What did you do this year? Did you complete classes? Did you submit any tricky projects? Did you pay rent every month? Maybe you were a particularly supportive friend or a good sister or daughter. Maybe you took care of someone in your family. All of these things, no matter how small they may feel, are important. They are accomplishments. They are something to be proud of.

[bf_image id="99pvj84jwg8qxkwnv73n2bcm"] Everyone’s accomplishments are relative. Everyone’s accomplishments are personalized, to what is exceptional (or even just good!) for them in their own situation. For some, getting out of bed more days than not is an accomplishment. For others, keeping in contact with a friend or two could be an accomplishment. Especially during these past months, respecting everyone’s unique achievements is crucial. 

This year, I accomplished a lot and I am proud of myself. I maintained my dream GPA, something I didn’t consider possible coming into college. I also moved back home with my family and grew closer with them as a result. I took control of my anxiety this year. It’s something I’ve dealt with since before I can remember, and I finally took the time to reflect on my past habits and behavior. I began practicing yoga, meditating, and putting my health first. I am more self-aware now than I was at the beginning of this year, and I am excited about that.

[bf_image id="nr8xj8k8cj28ghgfhh3s9"] If we don’t take time to reflect on our accomplishments, it’s harder to grow with confidence in the future. We’re often told to stay humble and to maintain our modesty. While I agree that it’s best to not be totally braggadocious about everything, a self-aware person is also aware of their worth, their value, and their accomplishments. You have done incredible things. You should not only be proud of those things, but you should radiate in the glory and the awesomeness that is you. Because if you won’t, who else will? You are your #1 cheerleader, and if you treat yourself like that, you will uncover a world of confident possibilities you never thought possible. 

Stay awesome and happy cheerleading. Go YOU!  

Amanda is a junior studying Communications and Psychology at UC Davis. She is currently spending her time in quarantine baking, running, doing lots of yoga, and chasing after her basset hound puppy. Amanda plans to attend law school after she graduates, hopefully somewhere with lots of trees :)
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