Back-to-School Survival Kit

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Many of us are already starting to feel the drag of the first month or two of being back in school, but never fear – the Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit is here!

Feel like your skin is already showing how stressed and tired you are? Try the Freeman Beauty face masks. The cucumber and pink salt clay mask works for all skin types and helps exfoliate and calm your skin. Obsessed with charcoal masks? Then check out the detoxifying charcoal and black sugar mud mask. If you want to clear your pores and control oil, go for the makuna honey and tea tree oil mask. Bonus: you can use this mask as a daily cleanser if you love it!

If you're looking to accessorize your go-to autumn jeans, then look no further than the Aeropostale jewelry, sunglasses, wallet, and hair ties! All of these items go perfectly with Aero's denim collection. Treat yourself to a new pair from Aero's huge variety of jeans and mix and match the gold-tone accessories to create that effortless autumn style.

Speaking of effortless, Bed Head by TIGI's got you covered for that tousled hair that you've been craving. Try their Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo to make your curls last a few more days. Got dark hair that makes dry shampoo look like dandruff? Go for the Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo, which has super fine powder that won't show up gray against your hair. Or, if you're going for a sleek, chic look, use their Masterpiece Shine Hairspray to make your mane look luminous. Finally, if you're constantly fighting to keep your style just so, give the Hard Head Hairspray a try. It holds any style on any texture hair for as long as you need it to!

So, you're taking a study break, but your water just isn't working for you. You don't want to buy a soda or a coffee, but you need something more interesting. Try Spindrift sparkling water – it's bursting with fruity flavors like lemon, grapefruit, blackberry, and so many more. Ready for more good news? Spindrift sparkling waters are unsweetened, so all that delicious taste is from the natural sugars in the real fruit they use to flavor their products. Be sure to gently turn the can over a few times so the fruit doesn't settle at the bottom!

We're a few weeks into the school year, but your life is chock-full of assignments, work shifts, and other commitments. Stay organized and focused with the Erin Condren Hardbound LifePlanner! It has the signature Erin Condren layout but is in a streamlined, sleek design that you can carry everywhere. This planner is an 18-month book, so you can look to your future and plan away!

Sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself to study is to give yourself an incentive. Use the HI-CHEW candies in the Survival Kit to reward yourself for reading those boring articles. The fruity flavors come from real fruit juices and purees, all while being free of cholesterol, gluten, and trans fat. Every time you read 10 pages, treat yourself with one of these long-lasting soft candies!

Already missing your summer glow? L'Oreal Paris has you covered. The Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning towelettes and ProPerfection Salon Airbrush mist will get you back to your bronzed goddess self in no time. If you're attending school in a place that gets super dry as the weather cools down, try out the Hydra Genius liquid moisturizer. There are three different formula textures for varying skin types, but all of them will nourish your skin for a full 72 hours!

Before you head home for Thanksgiving break, be sure to try out the Steripod toothbrush protector. It clips onto any toothbrush easily and will protect it from picking up airborne germs in the bathroom and as you travel! Steripod uses thymol, a common ingredient in mouthwashes, to keep your toothbrush super clean between uses. These toothbrush protectors come in tons of colors, so you can make sure you don't pick up your roommate's or sibling's toothbrush by accident ever again!

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