Anastasia Rud: President of RCA

Year: 2016

Major: Russian and International Relations: Track 4

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia & San Mateo, California

Describe yourself in three words: Ambitious, worldly, and accepting.

Spirit Animal: Mamrie Hart

Celebrity Crush: Jon Hamm           

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I am the President of the Russian Cultural Association, and a member of Chi Omega. I have also been Campus Representative for International Study Abroad, promote international study abroad programs, and I volunteered with the Garamendi campaign.

What does RCA have coming up?

A Cultive fundraiser on Thursday, May 7th and a Cooking Night on Friday, May 15th.

What's your best leadership advice?

This is going to sound cheesy, but you have to believe you have a capacity to do it. There's a reason you're in the position in the first place! Try to fulfill your potential.

Since you travel every year, do you have any advice for would-be travelers?

Be prepared. Over-plan. Always research all the details and don't go somewhere not knowing anything. Your plans might not work out, but at least you'll have a guide. I like to research my airline and see that it's safe before I fly. Make sure you know why you're going - there should be more than just one reason you're going.

Most exhilarating experience abroad?

The day I got to Madrid last Fall quarter, flying into Spain. That was the first time I flew by myself, and I was really on my own. It really set in that I had to rely on myself. While I was in Madrid, I also went on a weekend trip to Paris!

Any cool summer plans?

I'm going back to Spain to study abroad, doing it through UCD this time to get in a Spanish major. I'll be back in Davis early in the Fall to help recruit for Chi Omega.

What's your favorite thing about Davis?

I like the way everyone is helpful and willing to answer questions. I wouldn't be anywhere today if it weren't for other people's generosity.