Alpha Chi Omega's Annual AXO Runway

UC Davis’ Alpha Chi Omega Sorority hosted their annual fall philanthropy event, AXO Runway, on Wednesday, October 26th. This was the sorority’s 8th annual show, in which both sororities and fraternities compete for the title of Miss or Mr. AXO Runway. All of the event’s ticket proceeds are donated to spreading awareness for preventing domestic violence and supporting survivors through Empower Yolo and PAVE (Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment).

Melissa Cayne, Alpha Chi Omega’s long standing Philanthropy chair, explained that the sorority has a long standing local partnership with Empower Yolo Women’s shelter in Woodland. The total funds raised through this event will be split with 10% going towards the national AXO scholarships and financial aid and the remaining 90% donated to the aforementioned organizations.

Her Campus at UC Davis's own Elizabeth von Klan, a member of AXO, coached fraternities for the event and aided in making costumes. She explained how being truly creative with the costumes was a challenge, but the effort was definitely worth the night and was extremely satisfying.

When asked what the most rewarding part of the event was, both Cayne and von Klan agree that the end of the show made it all worth it. It was Cayne’s last event as Philanthropy chair and at the end of the show, she made her farewell. Von Klan also felt that knowing exactly how the proceeds were being donated towards helping domestic violence victims helped bring everyone together and made them proud of being part of the AXO Runway.

The night was clearly a success, and the ladies at Her Campus are so proud to cover and support this event.