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Alexis Julien, Cheering Her Way to the Top

Alexis Julien is an inspiring young sophomore. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 12, she has never allowed her illness to slow her down or define her. She’s the co-captain of the UC Davis Cheer Team, an active member and officer in Tri Delta, and an all-around cool gal.  

Name: Alexis Julien

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Psychology and Communications  

Relationship Status: Single (and ready to mingle)

Hometown: Tustin, CA

Why did you choose to join a sorority?

I chose to join a sorority because, as a freshman, I wanted to find a way to meet more people on campus and make new friends. At a school as big as UC Davis, joining a sorority is an easy way to make the campus feel a bit smaller and more manageable. I joined Tri Delta because the girls were similar to myself; they were very friendly and welcoming, and our philanthropy with St. Jude is very strong.

Describe yourself in one word:

Positive. I try my best to stay upbeat, happy, and to always look on the bright side despite what’s currently happening in my life.

What led you to apply for an officer position in your sorority?

I decided to apply for a leadership position because it seemed like a good opportunity. I honestly love my sorority, so it seemed like a good way to become even more involved and closer to my sisters.

How has your experience as a co-captain on the UC Davis Cheer Team been?

Being a co-captain for the cheer team this year has been a great experience. As a sophomore, I’m still relatively new to the team, but this has helped me learn everything pretty quickly. However, it can be difficult to manage being a team member and having fun with my teammates, while also being a responsible leader.

Does your diabetes make it difficult for you to participate in certain activities?

Having Type 1 Diabetes can sometimes make certain activities difficult because I tend to prioritize all of my other activities before my health – which is a bad habit of mine, so don’t do that. It is particularly difficult for cheer because I can’t wear my insulin pump while practicing or performing, so I have to constantly check my blood sugar (which conveniently goes lower during athletic activity).

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

Favorite show: Currently – Grey’s Anatomy. All-time – Full House

Celebrity crush: All the male doctors on Grey’s Anatomy

Turn-ons: Sense of humor, kind, intelligent, pretty eyes, and being athletic.

Turn-offs: Frat stars and men that are too arrogant and competitive.

Guilty pleasures: Ice cream, Hot Cheetos, and sleeping in inappropriately late.

Addictions: Coke ICEEs – they’re the bomb.com

Nikki is a fourth year UC Davis student double majoring in English and Communication, and minoring in Professional Writing. Her passions include: puppies, Harry Styles, and Coke ICEEs. She thoroughly enjoys proofreading and hopes to somehow make a career out of it.
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