Advocate Affection

The beginning of the quarter is a chance to reflect, refresh, and restart. For me in particular, I had a difficult winter break because of many factors which are now in the past. This makes me grateful to be back in Davis to regain my sense of self and independence that I craved during the break. During my break, the extent of my independence was working part time at a retail store near me, but I can’t neglect that I got to taste test new chips from Thailand with my friends or ring in the new year with my best friend since kindergarten.

Sometimes I am one of the few that stay in touch with people from high school. I’ve known my handful of friends through this decade and it’s so gratifying to look back at how all of us used to be and who we are now. As a group we have watched each other grow and change into people that our 13-year-old selves would have never thought we’d be. I’m thankful to still have them in my life and that they want the best for themselves and the best for everyone else.

With that being said, I am advocating for affection. Affection is a key part in being alive and being human. It’s not just touching or liking each other, it’s wanting to just go to each other’s houses just to do nothing together. It’s being able to ask each other “how was your day” without it feeling weird and too intimate. It’s important to be open with others and love each other the way humans are supposed to. Despite this, we’ve created a culture where we want to be humans who don’t need other humans for the sake of pride and savageness. Why is that?

Vulnerability is not weakness. Let yourself be vulnerable and open up to others! When you start doing that your thoughts and emotions are no longer bottled up and you feel okay. You feel important and heard because the act of vulnerability towards others provokes reciprocity. When we give affection and also receive it we feel connected. We feel not alone and that’s underrated.