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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Going home soon? Here are some things you’ll want to do before you leave Davis!

1.      Buy a UC Davis Sweatshirt

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to grab a snuggly sweatshirt or two from the UC Davis store on campus to show alumni pride. I bought two yesterday, one for me and a matching one for my sweetie (who graduated last year).

2.      Say Goodbye to the Arboretum

It’s going to be hard. After spending so much time at the arboretum over the months, it’ll be sad to leave the place that kept you sane in the midst of college anxiety. Grab a lunch to go and eat it by the waterside as you visit this haven.

3.     Clean Out Your Stuff

If you’re going to be moving, it would be a great idea to get rid of any unnecessary stuff. Be aggressive; the less stuff you have the easier it will be to travel. Why not take this chance to start over in your life? Donate all of your mediocre clothing, give pots and pans to your roommates who are staying, and sell your old bike for a little cash (if you can’t see yourself using it in the future).

4.      Go to the Dentist

Even if you hate going to the dentist, you might as well take advantage of your student health insurance (provided you signed up for it) and have your teeth cleaned before heading home. Getting plaque removed and a new toothbrush is always fun! I had a great experience with Dr. Meinert on 3rd street.

5.     Snag a Hammock

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to the quad the hammocks are always taken. After my last final on Tuesday I’m planning on staring awkwardly at the hammock inhabitants until someone leaves and I can grab one (if I can get into one without killing myself).

6.     Hit Up Your Favorite Restaurant

Whether your place is Burgers and Brew, De Vere’s, or Thai Canteen, make sure you stop by your favorite restaurant before you have to part with it. I’ll be visiting Lazi Cow one last time for the best brick toast around since they re-opened after kitchen renovations. Why not make it a group thing? Invite your besties and celebrate your accomplishments before you part ways.

7.     Get a Pedicure

After walking around in flip flops and chipped polish all quarter it’s time to treat yourself to a pedicure before you display those toes at graduation. It would also be a great time to get your hair done, your eyebrows waxed, and your teeth cleaned (see above).

8.     Take Pictures

This might seem obvious, but if you’re anything like me, you’re too busy thinking about finals and what to eat for dinner to even think about taking pictures. However, now is the last time to record times with your friends, so when you have a moment take out your phone or camera to remind yourself of your special Davis days.

9.     Write Thank-You Notes

Chances are you didn’t get here by yourself! If you’re too busy to write thank-you notes right now, think about making a list of all the people you’re grateful for as a reminder for after finals are over. Good thank-you letter candidates include: Grandmas who generously helped you out with cash, parents who gave you advice, outstanding mentors and professors, and roommates/friends who supported you during emotional meltdowns and took care of you when you were sick.

Rachel is majoring in English at UC Davis and has a passion for sharing tips on living happily and stylishly on a budget, among other exciting hobbies. She loves cats, Pomeranians, anything covered in chocolate, earl grey tea, and her husband, a handsome UC Davis graduate. You'll find her lost somewhere in the halls of Voorhies, or in the frozen aisle of Trader Joe's stocking up on delectable turkey meatballs. She loves to write and hopes her articles add a little extra joy to your busy life!
Editor in Chief, UC Davis chapter founder.