8 Gifs that Represent Everyone’s Fear of Graduating

Here's the thing: I'm not actually graduating at the end of this quarter. In reality, I'm still a junior, but more and more I've been freaking out about graduating next year and finding a job in the "real world." This being said, I've come to realize how scared graduating seniors must feel right now, having to face those same fears that I have, but doubled. So, to those graduating this quarter, I commend you and I hope that you achieve all your hopes and dreams. And, also, congratulations (well in advance!).

1. If you're like me, then you fear change and everything that the future entails. What if after graduation you become poor? What if you strike it rich?

2. Another fear: if you are poor, then how are you going to survive without your parents' help? Going out into the world alone is a fear that plagues us all.

3. Jobs are increasingly seeking people with higher degrees of education, so looking for a job as a recent grad can be daunting - I mean, sometimes the other competition for one job role is someone else with an MBA or something! Thinking about this is so scary.

4. Going out into "the real world" and realizing that all of your expectations, hopes, and dreams are not met is another fear of mine, and I'm sure many others worry, too!

5. …And also being sad and alone for life is one other thing that I, personally, constantly worry about: I mean, what if I end up a crazy cat lady?

6. Or what about just ending up sad and alone?!

7. The good part is, is that we all will always have a lot of alcohol to drown out our sorrows, though!

8. And just the thought of being an adult, having to pay bills, worrying about money, and never having your mom around to hold your hand is such a daunting thing…

…But I suppose that it’ll all be alright in the end - I mean, we'll all get to run our lives however we want, do rewarding things like have a family, and hopefully find jobs that we all love. In the end, I suppose it'll all be ok.

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