7 Things to Do This Winter Season

For me, the weeks following Halloweekend have come to signify three specific things: Thanksgiving break, an endless round of midterms and projects, and, most importantly, the Christmas season. Originally from an area where winters were barely ever winters, I’ve realized over the past year that NorCal winters—in part due to the weather and my inability to handle anything below sixty-five degrees—inevitably push me into hibernation mode. Instead of wanting to consistently go out every weekend, I’ve found simple pleasures in other things. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’ll enjoy them too.

1. Friendsgiving dinner

Before I jump into the holiday spirit, a Friendsgiving dinner is one of the perfect ways to celebrate Thanksgiving before going home for break. Bake with your friends or even have a potluck. And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, try a Friendsgiving kickback. Years from now, you’ll be thankful for your holiday memories spent in college with your friends.

2. Christmas movie marathon

As for annual Christmas movies, Elf, Home Alone, and Holiday in Handcuffs are three of my absolute go-to’s. With the cold weather in the air, the holiday season is one of the only times my housemates and I can mutually agree to ditch all other plans just to stay in, make hot chocolate, and cuddle together on the couch watching Christmas movies. Homebodies? Yes, we definitely can be sometimes.

3. Regular-themed movie nights with friends

If you don’t want to go Christmas-themed yet, it’s still the perfect weather to invite a group of friends over for a movie marathon. Pick a movie or TV show to binge-watch, and have them come over. You can all even order food through JoyRun if you have to; it’s honestly the most useful tool for the cold weather season. Especially when it starts raining, you’ll be thankful you stayed indoors.

4.  Arts and crafts

Maybe some people disagree with me, but DIY projects are extremely underrated. Look up how to make a DIY Christmas snow globe on YouTube and drag your roommates into making them with you. And again, if you don’t want to go so Christmas-themed yet, you can even try making a scrapbook or home decor. Pinterest is a great platform for inspiration.

5. Game nights with friends

Board games, once again, are extremely underrated. If you have the same sense of humor as I do, Cards Against Humanity is always a go-to. Gather your friends - kickback or not - and have a game night. Whether you play Mario Kart, Monopoly, Just Dance, or drunk Jenga, you’re bound to have fun. Ordering pizza wouldn’t hurt either.

6. Christmas lights

If you stay in Davis and happen to have a car or a ride, go see the Christmas lights in Sacramento. If you wait for winter break though, there should definitely be a place nearby you can visit. Drag your friends, boyfriend - whomever your heart desires. Reminder: this is also a perfect opportunity to take cute holiday pictures for Instagram.

7. Road trips in the snow

This last one really depends on if you have both a car and extremely willing, adventurous friends. My group of friends even now are yet to fully execute this. Pitch in for a cabin (unless you’re lucky enough to know someone who already has one), and stay there for a weekend. It would not only be a great getaway, but also a great trip for pictures and memories.


Cover image source: Pexels