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7 Reasons Why LUSH Bath Bombs are So Magical

New to bath bombs? You might be thinking, “So what’s the big deal?” Here is a list of reasons to get a bath bomb right away.

1. There are tons to choose from – fruity, sweet, floral, they have ’em all!

2. They can break apart for multiple uses. Hit it with hammer and use one part for now and save the other for later!

3. Each bath bomb has its own unique design to it!

4. They come in different types: bubbly bath, suds bath bomb , and oil bath. The bubbly is for bubble baths. The suds bath bomb is the original bath bomb that basically fizzes in your tub. Lastly, the oil bath combines with the other two.  The first image shows an oil bath, and the second is what the bubbly bath looks like!

5. They don’t expire! However, the sooner you use your bath bomb, the fresher the scent the more fizz it puts out!

6. They usually range from $4-8. But the bundles that LUSH sells are cheaper and worth the price if you get multiple at a time!

7. They come in all shapes and sizes. Especially during the holidays, LUSH gets the most creative with their designs. Here are some snowmen, polar bears and mini Santas available in stores now!

I personally love bath bombs and I can’t wait to try the holiday collection. Happy holiday shopping, collegiettes!

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Marissa is a senior at UC Davis studying Design and Fashion marketing. She has a love for cosmetics, fashion and DIY's. On her free time she like to be adventurous by exploring new places and meeting new people. One day, she dreams of owning her own business and becoming a well known fashion designer.