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7 People to Follow on Twitter RIGHT NOW

If you’re not already following these people on Twitter, do so immediately. Whether you need some more inspiration, humor or knowledge in your life, these Tweeters (or are they called Twitterers?) will give you what you seek.

1. Lin Manuel Miranda (@lin_manuel)

He’s not just the creator of Hamilton; he’s also one of the most inspirational Twitter users on the planet. His tweets are must-reads when you wake up in the morning and before you head to bed. They’re like little poems of love and affirmation, just for you and the rest of his 1.98 million followers.

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2. Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Her Twitter bio claims that she’s a “high quality person” and her Tweets prove it. She’s incredibly funny and her dry, witty and sarcastic tweets are guaranteed to make you chuckle or at least crack a smile. And she’s not shy at all about commenting on politics, either.

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3. Dr. Adrienne Keene (@nativeapprops)

Dr. Keene is a Native educator, writer and activist that studies and frequently comments on the appropriations and stereotypes of Native peoples. Her tweets are informative and very useful in understanding how indigenous peoples have been and continue to be misrepresented or marginalized — but many of her tweets are celebratory, and incredibly supportive of people inciting change. This is a must-follow!

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4. Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)

He’s funny in Deadpool, but he’s funny online, too. Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious tweets about his family will make your day. It’s especially fun when his wife, Blake Lively, joins in and fires back (playfully, of course)!


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5. Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47)

Some more humor for you. Reading Anna Kendrick’s tweets is sort of like reading your internal monologue out loud, but it’s way funnier. And if she happens to be live-tweeting a TV show or film, you’re in for a special treat!

Via Twitter.com

6. Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti)

Valenti is an outspoken feminist with as well as a columnist for The Guardian who claims that “her bitch face never rests.” Valenti’s passion for social justice shines through in her tweets, which always deliver blunt but important commentary

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7. Kid President (@iamkidpresident)

I’m ending on another inspirational note, because we all need a little something to lift us up sometimes. And Kid President’s tweets definitely do. He’ll remind you of your power and your ability to make a difference and inject kindness into the world. So, so pure!

Via Twitter.com

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