6 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit While at College

There is nothing like being home for the holidays, but for us college students we are stuck a couple more weeks in finals mode. At least for me, this time of the year always gets me down. I’m stuck indoors working my butt off to get good grades when I would rather be watching holiday movies and sipping on hot cocoa. It’s hard to get in the holiday spirit while away at college, but you can try your best in your dorm or apartment. Starting to feel grinch-y this final’s season? Try these six ways to get holly-jolly just in time for Christmas.

1. Turn Up Those Holiday Jams

Some people hate Christmas music, and that hurts my heart a little bit. As soon as it hits December, my Spotify consists solely of the sweet voice of Mariah Carey.

2. Get Some Cookies Baking

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING, better than the smell of some freshly baked cookies. It gets even better when you eat them. Eat them all.

3. Christmas PJs. Period.

It’s tradition in my house to get a new set of Christmas pajamas every year. Which means my festive little self is going to be cozy all December long.

4. Give a Gift

Everyone loves getting gifts, but I personally love giving them even more. Surprise a friend, make a stranger’s day, or give to a charity.

5. Watch Every Christmas Movie Known to Man

This one sort of ties in with the holiday music but just turn on something sappy so you can pretend to cry about the movie and not because of finals.

6. Decorate Your Dorm/Apartment

All you need is some printer paper, scissors, and the skills of a five-year-old. BAM! Paper snowflakes. 

All in all, remember to relax this final’s season and reward yourself with all your favorite holiday things!