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6 Noteworthy Moments from the Second Presidential Debate

The second presidential debate took place on Sunday October 9, 2016. If you missed it, then you are probably a little confused as to why a fly and a man in a red sweater are making more headlines than the candidates and their policies. Well, luckily, I have compiled six of the most noteworthy moments of the 2016 second presidential election.

1. The Blazer.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if you agree with her politics or not, whichever side of the aisle you are on you have to admit… Hillary’s blazer was on point.

2. The Fly

Long story short: a fly landed on Hillary Clinton’s face (talk about a front row seat). Donald Trump had just answered the inevitable question about his comments made 11 years ago that sounded a lot like sexual assault, saying he wasn’t proud of it but it was just “locker room talk” and Bill Clinton did far worse.

Hillary just started her heated response when the fly came in and landed right on her eyebrow. She kept calm, cool, and collected, and continued, commenting on how Trump seems to be able to run his campaign “any way he chooses”, deciding what he wants to talk about instead of answering the people’s questions.    

3. The Slightly Creepy Moment

You may have seen memes going around comparing Trump to a 1980s horror film or the creepy clowns that have been all over the news recently. Well, it was because of this moment. As Hillary was responding to an audience member’s question about the Affordable Care Act, Trump appeared to be standing uncomfortably close behind her, putting everyone a little on edge.

4. The Glaring Man

His name is unknown, but his face says it all. I think this man accurately depicts how most people have felt this entire election…

5. The Best Question of the Night

Remember when that girl in Mean Girls just wanted to bake a cake of rainbows and smiles and for everyone to eat and be happy? Well, a similar thing happened at the end of the debate on Sunday. Politics aside, one audience member just wanted to know if each candidate could name one positive thing that they respected in one another.

Hillary’s response? In a word… no. She complimented his children, essentially saying that they turned out pretty well despite having him as a father. Trump’s response? “She’s a fighter.” Even though he said he doesn’t agree with basically anything that she is fighting for, he still respects that she won’t give up.

6. Ken Bone

So at the end of the night, who won the debate? Ken Bone, that’s who. Although his question about how the candidates would meet energy needs while remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss was enticing, it was his power outfit that sparked his rise as an Internet sensation. In his cherry red sweater, white tie, and thick black-rimmed glasses, Mr. Bone stole the show.

“Tonight I lost hope in America’s future…then I met Ken Bone.” –Tweet from Jeff Guenther

Watch the full second presidential debate here. And make sure to watch the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday October 19!

Nikki is a senior at UC Davis, majoring in Community and Regional Development with a minor in Professional Writing. Apart from her classes, she spends her time walking backwards as a campus tour guide, advising future travelers at the UC Davis Study Abroad office, and fighting against domestic violence as an active member of Alpha Chi Omega. You can catch her sipping iced coffee at the CoHo, spending time with friends in the quad, or exploring the endless restaurants in downtown Davis.
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