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5 Ways to Celebrate That You Got Through the Quarter: Zoom University Edition

Success has always been this lucrative word that’s meant to define these larger than life moments. Getting into college, landing that amazing internship, or acing that test; we’re taught to only celebrate the very top moments of our lives that we merely brush by everything else in the long run. Yet, with life seemingly going by at thousands of miles per hour recently the little wins have begun to feel like winning a national championship, and everyone should at least pat themselves on the back for persevering in these turbulent times. During times of distancing there's no better time to make yourself a priority, so here’s five ways to celebrate you getting through yet another quarter of Zoom University. 

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1. Order your favorite food for delivery.

Food has always been my safe haven, and following the onset of the pandemic there's nothing I’ve missed more than going out to eat at my favorite restaurants. Change up your normal dinner routine and treat yourself (and your stomach!). Even better if it happens to be a local restaurant!

2. Buy those clothes that have been sitting in your cart for weeks.

Anytime that I’ve ever needed a reason to procrastinate, my go-to activity has always been online window shopping, and I never seemed to find the reason to buy anything. Since I mostly just stay in my apartment all day, I always feel like buying new clothes isn’t worth it. But alas, pandemic or not reality therapy is still extremely effective, and there's nobody better to look good for than yourself. 

3. Drive to your favorite lookout spot.

I tend to forget that leaving my house is an option, and when I do it’s usually only for exercising or grocery shopping. The beauty of the world has gone largely unseen for months now, and by this time now we all deserve a sight other than the walls of our house. If you have the opportunity and means, make sure to check out your favorite lookout spot. You not only get the benefit of the beautiful view, but the vitamin D doesn’t hurt either.

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4. Do that one thing you could never find time for.

With school in it’s all consuming fashion there always seemed to be a struggle to find time for anything other than studying. Prioritizing and utilizing time has always been difficult for me when school is on my mind, so my goal for this upcoming break is to do all the things I never made time for. Whether that’s finally taking out your skateboard, picking up your book, or watching your favorite movie, try to focus on the activities that make you happy that have been left behind in the swing of life. 

5. Spend time with the people you love.

Coordinating a meeting time with any more than one other person can be a huge pain to deal with, but nevertheless when it all comes together it’s extremely gratifying. Try to get as many of your friends together as you can, and get creative! Whether you want to have a virtual movie night, virtual game night, or even just a simple Zoom call, try to create something special even under the circumstances. Celebrate that you’re surviving and make up for lost time with the people you love.

Catherine Sievers is a second year sociology and communication double major at UCD with a Spanish minor. She enjoys writing, reading, the outdoors, and getting coffee with friends. She hopes to work in the non profit sector after graduation.
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