5 Songs for Your Spring Quarter Playlist

As we painfully say goodbyes to our short-lived Spring break, we welcome the new quarter. Spring quarter is probably the best quarter at UC Davis! Rainy days begin to fade out and the sunshine brings in the warmth we’ve missed all throughout the past winter, encouraging us to go outside and explore the nature that Davis offers (especially at the Arboretum). Here’s a list of five songs that will add a little joy to your sunny day while you’re out and about:

1. “Patience” ─​ Tame Impala

This long-awaited single from Tame Impala is completely unique, but gives the same nostalgic vibe that he usually brings to the table. Categorized by some as “modern psychedelic rock”, Tame Impala is infamous for incorporating aspects of music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. “Patience” gives you a catchy piano intro that hooks listeners even more when the disco beat drops. You’ll want to play “Patience” all throughout the sunny days this quarter!

2. “All I Wanna Do” ─​ The Beach Boys

A more mellowed out Beach Boys song, “All I Wanna Do” helps continue those “Good Vibrations.” This song is perfect to play on a picnic date or while tanning outside on the grass. Most Beach Boys songs are generally happy, and this one doesn’t stray from that pattern. If you want to be in a better mood, putting on The Beach Boys is definitely the way to go.

3. “Past Love” ─​ Kimbra

“Past Love” by Kimbra hints at a ‘50s vibe with a modern twist. If you listen closely to the lyrics, it’s also a great post-breakup song that will empower you to get your “past love” back by loving yourself again. “Past Love” is definitely one of those songs that has a happy melody, but its lyrics are closer to melancholic. Maybe this song will inspire you to “come back to yourself” since Spring is a great time for new beginnings!

4. “Cariño” ─​ The Marías

As someone who doesn’t fluently speak Spanish, “Cariño” is one of those songs that I can still understand the meaning of through context, as a latter part of the song is in English. The Spanish word ‘cariño’ is a term of endearment, like calling someone ‘honey’ or ‘darling.’ The Marías' vocalist classily delivers this jazzy tune for the lucky person she’s singing to with so much affection.

5. “Summer Time High Time” ─​ Cuco, J-Kwe$t

Although summer is still a few months away, Spring Quarter always feels a little more doable when you have a long break to look forward to. In “Summer Time High Time”, Cuco and J-Kwe$t remind you of warm sunny days with your friends that you’ll soon be enjoying after all the hard work you'll put into these next couple months!