5 Signs You’re Meant to Be an Aggie

It’s that time of year again. College acceptances have been released and high school seniors around the world are faced with determining the school that is right for them. My sister was recently accepted into Davis and it made me nostalgic, aside from the slight inkling of PTSD. When I visited Davis, I could not pinpoint the exact reason why the school felt right. However, knowing what I do now, I understand all the reasons this school is perfect for me. Perhaps these five signs can be useful in deciding if Davis is also right for you.

1. You enjoy Farmer’s Markets

Parading around the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings is a staple Davis activity. Whether you enjoy the samples, food vendors, or the lively atmosphere, a trip to the “Far-Mar” can put anyone in a good mood.

2. You find biking enjoyable

When students complain about the inability to find a parking spot, they are likely referring to their bike. The biking community at Davis is like no other, but this keeps us active and reduces our environmental footprint as a whole.

3. You enjoy the peaceful nature of a small town

When choosing a school, I knew I needed one that was quaint because highly stimulating environments make me stressed. Davis has the perfect combination of nature and comradery. Downtown Davis only continues to grow which ensures there are plenty of eateries and places to take study breaks and socialize with friends.

4. The little things in life are enough to make you happy

Davis has a very down-to-earth nature. The people here enjoy the simple things because they can see what is extraordinary about the seemingly ordinary.

5. You can get used to the occasional whiff of cow

Yes, we have cows. Living on campus as a first year, you may on occasion get a small reminder of this. However, you become nose blind quickly and it becomes more of a joke than any actual nuisance.

All things aside, college is hard. No matter the school you choose, adversity will be inevitable and it’s likely not the school, that’s just college. However, the students at any university create a culture that is going to affect your experiences. UC Davis students have created a culture that is contagious — one that is full of kindness, encouragement, and passion. I feel grateful to be a part of this community every day.


Photos courtsey of author