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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Finals are quickly approaching, but why bother studying? It’s not like they’re gonna make or break your grade. Finals are overrated, and here’s why:

Procrastination is important

Isn’t there a new episode of your favorite show on Netflix? If you study right now, you have to put off watching it for another couple of days. That means you have to wait that much longer to find out what happens, and to voice your criticism or praise on Twitter. People need to know your opinions right now! And besides, your friends are important too, so spend every minute of your designated daily study hours hanging with your peeps instead. Procrastinate now; don’t put it off.

There’s absolutely no place to study

Sure, the library may be spacious and quiet and have study nooks hidden all over, but really, there are no other places where you could study for finals even if you wanted to. Don’t study on the quad, what with all the natural light to see your textbooks and the peace and quiet during classes. I also don’t recommend the arboretum, ‘cause it’s just too quiet and isolated from noise and crowds and all your favorite distractions. And you definitely should not study in your or a friend’s home – you’re only going to have people motivating you to get your work done and offer you snacks for your “break time.” You’d be lucky if you even found one place to study on campus.

No one knows what the teacher was talking about for the past month or so

Your professor can’t do much for you during office hours, the TAs aren’t gonna be much help reminding you which topics are the most important. And though you and your friend are taking a class together, your friend isn’t going to be able to help you figure anything out at all. Don’t even bother going to a tutor: he won’t know anything about these subjects. Since there’s not a single person out there who understands Calculus or the political theories of diplomacy, why should you bother trying to figure out the study materials?

Your pet clearly doesn’t want you to

Cats are smart to sit on your books and papers, because you should know that catering to your pet’s every whim is much more meaningful than reviewing Shakespearean terms and the history of Rococo art. Puppies give you the sad face when you spend even a minute of potential cuddling time on something as silly as looking over flashcards. Your birds sing the blues when you choose practicing your speech over parroting whatever sounds they make in a cutesy tone. And your fish have no one to keep them company, other than their reflections. When the animals in your life are lonely for even a minute, you’re clearly not spending enough time with them.

Social media networks have more important information than your notes

It’s more important to be up-to-date on your friends’ whereabouts than glancing over old midterms, papers, and tests. Without Facebook, how will you know when your friend is going to Starbucks for a coffee break? And Instagram is the only way you’ll know what your friend’s new pet looks like – and you have to know now. Your professors should understand that the stuff they teach in class doesn’t have any importance with what’s going on now in your news feed.

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