5 Questions I Need Answered in New OITNB Season

Here are some things I would love to see answered in the season:

1. Does Daya shoot the gun?

Probably going to be answered right away, but thus far the most cliffhanger of an ending Orange has ever experimented with. My hopes are she doesn't shoot - she has her baby on the outside!

2. Speaking of Daya…. Where the heck is John Bennett?

Remember the guard Daya had the baby with? He suddenly got in a car and then literally was never talked about or seen again? I need answers.

3. Will there be any justice for Poussey?

In one of the most controversial decisions of the show, Poussey was accidently killed in the midst of a prison protest at the hands of a young officer. How is Orange going to do with the major fan backlash of this killing?


4. Is Alex going to get caught for murder?

Last we heard of Alex, she was hiding the name of the hit man she killed around the prison. Part of me wants her to get caught… adds to the drama.


5. Is Piper done? Like, is she done?

AKA will this girl calm down for one season? Can she try not to run a white supremacist group or singlehandedly continue to extend her own prison sentence? This is the one question I know will not be answered.

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