5 Minority YouTubers You Need to Be Watching

A few months ago, you may have read this article about 5 smaller YouTubers that need your attention. I’m back with another list of recommendations, but this time, all of the people mentioned are creators of color! As is true for most sectors of the media, white creators tend to get a lot of attention on YouTube, which is why it’s important to support those that belong to a minority but make videos so amazing that they need to be seen by the majority. Here are some of my favorites.

1. LondonsCloset (Shope Delano)

Source: Shope Delano

Shope’s the person to listen to when you want long, reflective and introspective vlogs about university, relationships, confidence, personal growth, and more. Her videos are always beautifully edited and yet her words are not. She is uninhibited in her thought and always honest and well-spoken. She is exceptionally thoughtful about challenging life experiences, and you’ll feel enlightened by her insight.

2. KhanStopMe (Taha Khan)

Source: Taha Khan

There’s no denying it — Taha’s hilarious. He’s intelligent too, and clearly woke. Like John Oliver, Samantha Bee, or presenters on The Daily Show, he has the remarkable ability to combine political commentary with humor. If you love satire, you’ll love Taha.

3. SuperSamStuff

Source: Sam Saffold-Geri 

Sam is a young aspiring filmmaker, but in addition to his short films, he also posts gorgeous travel diary videos and vlogs about what he’s learned about himself and his craft. There is something about his videos that is extremely comforting. He often reminds us that despite everything that might go wrong as we grow up and discover what our passions are, there’s also a lot that can go right.

4. The LineUp (Julia Dang and Maya Nilsen)

Source: Julia Dang and Maya Nilsen

Julia and Maya make stunning fashion and styling videos that could double as music videos or pieces of art. They’re just undeniably wonderfully cool (and well-dressed). What I really appreciate about their videos, though, is the fact that they always seem to be in conversation with their viewers by listening to their thoughts, concerns, and requests. It’s refreshing to see creators that are so responsive to their audience.

5. ItsRadishTime (Taylor Behnke)

Source: Taylor Behnke

Taylor begins all of her videos with a wave and the words “Hi, friends.” And it really does feel like we’re her friends. She is curious about her place in the world and welcomes the thoughts of her reviews. In a quiet but powerful voice, Taylor questions what her role in political activism is, what she’s learned from the joys and tragedies in her life, and how we can form identities for ourselves. If you’re always looking for answers, try looking to Taylor — she may be able to help.

Thumbnail source: Pexels

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